Little Little


Do not feed the wildlife.

Never before had I seen a manga without text…
And never had I expected it to be so interesting.

Why should you feed wild cat foxgirls? Well…


You might get a new cute and cuddly sleeping partner…


Maybe several of them…


Brief Summary

The story revolves around one household. A sickly girl and her maid attendant are the only residents living in a large house. Because of her health, the girl always felt lonely, never having any friends around her age… until one day…


She befriended a mysterious cat foxgirl with some cookies.


Though her new acquaintance disappeared at first, the two quickly reunited and bonded.


And so begins the tale of friendship… about how one girl found some company in a lonely world.



Honestly, I didn’t expect something so simple… to be so touching. Yet, somehow… without using any words, only the characters themselves and occasional sound effects, the story got through to me. I’m not sure whether to praise the work or mentally beat myself up for liking this.



But I cannot lie. The allure of moe is there along with the enhanced meido factor. I cannot deny this…

NOTE: I was wrong about the catgirl part. She’s a fox.


7 Responses

  1. I has been obliterated by the moe … totally awesome.

  2. Ryan noted…

    This is just entirely melty stuff. It will melt you. Uber Cute!’s GR Notes…

  3. Omg… This is sooo cute! :3

  4. This might make catgirls up their with meidos…

  5. wooaahahhhh super awesome @___@

  6. omg cho kawaii >.< I…. think I might go look for this.

    *mentally beats self*

  7. More than anything else, it’s the twitchy ears that get you.

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