Gundam 00 Second Season – Episode 8


The following words are taken from my friend after he watched this:

1. “What the eff?! Does this mean Tieria was a girl since season 1?”

2. “She looks hawt in that dress! …That’s ok now since she’s a girl, right?”

3. “He… I mean… She’s a girl!”

4. “Boobs… natural boobs…”

5. “Everything in season 1 was a lie… except for that Lockon x Tieria wedding picture.”

6. “I’ll never look at Tieria the same way again…”

7. “Eff Sunrise.”

8. “I wonder who’s going to end up with Tieria at the end of the season… Lockon? Maybe a threesome with Feldt…”

He is currently lurking in 4chan… Not the best remedy for his new case of DESPAIR!!!


As for me, well… I’m ignoring this development. I refuse to acknowledge this… change. Besides, I think it’s just a temporary disguise… a very well-made and fitting one…


And we both agree that “Tieria” had a female voice at first. It’s only with Ribbons when he/she regained his/her regular male voice. Very tricky this Gundam season is…

Friend: “I want to see Tieria naked just to know, once and for all, if it’s a he or she…”


6 Responses

  1. haha I knew you were going to post about this :P

    I approve traps in anime – makes it more interesting :)

  2. Oh geesh, Han.

  3. Proves that RAWs should be watched with caution.

  4. Guilt free fapping to Tieria at long last!

  5. Guild free? Since when did you feel guilty about fapping, Shin?

  6. Somewhere deep down, I really do.

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