A Mish-Mash of Everything and Nothing


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Yea, I’m a hypocrite for showing this despite dropping the series, both anime and manga.

My Current Wallpaper


Source: Animepaper

Unlike other Fridays, I actually had time today (or rather, yesterday since midnight had long passed) to invest in something other than schoolwork. Likewise, since my university’s anime society has screenings on Fridays, I tend to miss them… until this rare occassion surfaced. Moreover, it happens to be the “24-hours of anime” marathon held once per semester. But, this joy quickly turned into indifference and then displeasure. Reasons why will be saved for another post… after I get some sleep.

So, as implied, I did not enjoy my time at the marathon but it did not go to waste. I quickly immersed myself in the manga-verse, catching up on the releases that fell under the radar. Among them are the following.

Black Lagoon


x x x


Rock grew balls. Well, enough to insult Mr. Chang, the leader of the Triad. Then again, when you’re about to join a free-for-all shootout between American Special Ops, Cartel mercenaries, and one pissed-off, drugged-up maid in the most lawless place on Earth… such worries are negligable. And yes, Roberta is still as epic as ever.

“Weaponising Maids for Brighter Future” – Zekarus

Shikeisyu 042


This is one of those series that I sort-of promised to cover… but then time vanished on me. I should be able to do some more updates but don’t expect much. As for the actual chapter, I found the resolution of prisoner 023 rushed but passable. There was some more development between the professor and Oshini, the former seeing the latter as a human. However, what I really want is some romance with Yume. Yea, I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff.



More details on Taketora’s past were revealed but it raised more questions. Kojirou hinted that Taketora died once and developed a supernatural sense for death. The ghostly hands were seen reaching for one person in the school the shouta officer is investigating. It seems interesting but I’m worried more about the episodic nature of the series. Then again, I won’t complain if Mizuki keeps teasing the young cop.

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro


Another one of Sick’s men just got defeated but not before showing how Vijaya got his name and power. It got a tad emotional at the end when “Chi” committed suicide in front of Godai, driving a spike into his own brain. I guess it’ll just firm up everyone’s resolve to fight against Sick and his attempt to wipe out the world (save for his bloodline). I want more action and the next couple chapters may deliver.



Yea. Kakashi’s dead. Anime fans around the world will mourn the lost of one of the most hyped-up anime ninjas ever. Fangirls will faint and refuse to acknowledge the reality that their fantasy guy is now nothing more than a cold dead corspe. Yaoi fans will continue to write kaka-sasu stories to continue… “his legacy”. And none of us will ever know how he looks under that mask… maybe like his dad?



Typical shounen. More pre-battle talks with the taunting and stalls. When will the real fight start? Next chapter? Maybe in 10 chapters? I want it now… even though I know it’ll just be dragged out.



Fluffy text messages and a drive to be better than the current manga genius. But… Miyoshi is getting annoying. I would have preferred it if Takagi chose Iwase instead. Then again, it might just be my personal preference for Rei-like characters.


So ends this rapid barrage of mini-manga episode summaries. I need more sleep but I’m holding out for Kannagi… which should come… any moment now…


2 Responses

  1. I stole your Minori wallpaper. Muhaha.

  2. Secretly watching the series despite the public claim of dropping the anime would be hypocritical. However, enjoying art, even from the series you don’t like, is not hypocritical at all.

    Ah, looks like Nagi is one the few things that can bring warm light to your life :)

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