Yozakura Quartet – Episode 7


Huu. Huu. Huu.

This reminds me of a similar miko-loving God from another series.

The episode can summed up in two sentences:

There was a ceremony and in the party afterwards, all the youkai got drunk off of water.

Ao got kidnapped by her Enjin-possessed brother Gin.

But as you could imagine, the drunk part was the more interesting part of the show.


There can never be old-fashioned ways of peeping. Only successful or unsuccessful.


Drunken confession from Touka… but he’s too dense.


I can see its resemblance to Akina…


Poor Ao… lamenting about Kotoha being so lazy.


I don’t like the way Hime’s looking at Kotoha.


Universal “Shut up!!!” for Akina :)


I approve of cosplay. Now if I’m only the Divisional Officer…


That looks comfy. The next effective cure of hangovers?


Drunken nun is irresistible… even if you want to.


3 Responses

  1. haha This nun is very different from the other nun :P

    See, Youkai are weaklings because they get drunk on mere water. Goddesses are another matter though – it takes some soda to inebriate them :P

  2. Which nun? I remember posting about several.

  3. The cute hungry nun :P

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