What the…?!


But… I have to admit… it was done really well…

Another Full version of the OP


Kannagi Fighter?


So yea, still loving the Kannagi.

Just a random thought, I was reading the post about Shin’s new writer and came across the first image. Then my brain spasmed and sent me a mental image of “what-if” Kannagi was genderbent, just like Kyonko with The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Mako-chan in Minami-ke, and Luluko with Code Geass. I remembered what happened in episode 6 with Nagi and Tsugumi going clothes shopping.

Then, I died a little inside.


6 Responses

  1. hahaha You found some gold there :P

    Kannagi Fighter is epic :)

  2. Jin = FAIL. Though a Zange Molestation Knock-out would’ve been preferable.

  3. Forgot to add the tidbit involving Shin’s new writer. And yes, need more Nagi beatdowns.

  4. Oh lol. I don’t even know how I managed to sit through that opening without cracking up (but I did at the end).

    How I enjoy seeing the idols of boys everywhere turned into boys. But tch. The genderswap projects only go anywhere if the boys make cute girls. I don’t really think Jin would. Then again…

  5. Lol the Kannagi Fighter was awesome!!! Super knee strike ftw! And the first video(song, actually) was hawt.

  6. I agree. Manly OP was hawt… My favorite part is when they go “Huu-wa hu-wa” :)

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