Winter 2008/2009 Anime Season


Those marked in red are the ones that I’m almost guarenteed to watch, either out of obligation from reading its manga or continuing since its a sequel. Those marked in yellow are the ones that I haven’t heard of before, but they seem interesting enough to warrant my attention.

Tower of Druaga

I really enjoyed the first season with the comedy mixed into the RPG theme. This time, it seems more serious. It’ll start from Jil’s second ascent of Tower after being betrayed by his brother Neeba and Kaaya. Despite that, I have a feeling that it’ll somehow keep me laughing.


I didn’t recognize this at first since I was more familiar with its translated title, Black God. It’s a decent manga that has a complex plot. However, seeing that it’s Sunrise worries me a bit. Granted that the animation won’t disappoint, I’m concerned about how they’ll present the story and whether or not they’ll gloss over the details in favor for the action. Oh well, as long as they won’t mess boxing Kuro up, I’ll be happy…


Yuri… but not yuri. Romance with a trap. Nosebleeds galore. A very enjoyable manga just to watch the dynamics between Kanako and Maria. If that isn’t enough, there’s a maid. Must… watch…

Asu no Yoichi

I recognize this better as Ashita no Yoichi and if it is what I think it is, then this will be nothing more than martial arts with fanservice. Poorly done ecchi with the typical bumbling male lead. Purely out of obligation since I’ve read it. Not a fan of flotation devices and the busty loli isn’t going to win me over anytime soon.


8 Responses

  1. hello i see you blog very nice and i think you feture better post

  2. You dont wanna try Akikan?

  3. Girl popping out of a soda can and requiring kisses to stay alive? Sounds a bit too far out there for my liking…

  4. damn!!!! lots of crappy anime this next season and the return of the dreaded fan service galore which means that i wont be watching a lot of anime on winter maybe 3 out of those, kind of disapointed since the fall was awesom with lots of deversity.
    Well for every good one there have to a so so right!, at least spring is turning out better than expected >_>.

  5. Maid = must watch! lol Oh, speaking of maids.. latest episode of Kuroshitsuji featured a very beautiful maid, and she even had… BLUE HAIR!!! :P She had some strange relationship with her master though :P

    Tale of Genji, Trapsy Yuri, and Konnichiwa Anne for me.

    I’ll check out the shows you marked in yellow as well because they might be fun :)

  6. I’ll definitely watch Maria+Holic and White Album, as well as Natsume Yuujinchou. I have noticed that Maria+Holic is the winter anime that is most raved about also… I’ll also check out KuroKami ^_^.

  7. Maria+Holic is raved about since it has the most interesting plot (well, for most people at least). And with delectable ingredients of a trap and maid, who could resist?

    Kurokami and Sunrise… Maybe not such a good combination.

  8. Maria-sama ga miteru and Maria+Holic! I’m gonna catch these two anime.
    *Grabs The Sojourner to catch Maria-sama ga Miteru together*

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