The Debacle


There’s been a lot of romance/drama anime, but very few distinguish themselves…

NOTE: All images come from the official site‘s Story section.


If asked what my favorite anime is, the answer would be Hoshi no Koe. However, if asked what my favorite anime series is, the answer is unknown at this moment. I am torn between two marvelous, heart-wrenching pieces of work. To make things worse, one’s a sequel of the other and it’s not even finished.


If the images didn’t reveal the answer, then there are two possibilities: 1) you honestly don’t know what I’m talking about or 2) for some reason, you only watched the first season. In any case, the series that I’m talking about are ef -a tale of memories- and ef -a tale of melodies-.


Both of them, I love. However, I felt that memories was better just because nothing I’ve seen or read before could compare to the Renji/Chihiro story. The rooftop scene when she cast away her memories, including her love… That just can’t be put into words. Sad, depressing, desperate… Nothing could describe all the emotions ingrained in those few minutes. I felt as if my heart was in a vice, my tears about to fall, life suddenly having no meaning… It was painful and agonizing to watch.


But then I watched episode 6 of melodies… and that familiar sensation of my heartstrings being pulled  returned.


Yu confessed to Yuuko but right afterwards, she revealed her secret, showing him how much she suffered… just because he couldn’t be true to his feelings. Physical and emotional abuse, scars from her adopted brother’s “punishments”, having been sexually violated multiple times for being an imperfect replacement… Everything was built up for a powerful, emotional crash… for the next couple episodes.


And with this being the halfway point of the series, I can only speculate where the series could go on from here.


Hence, with such beautiful works that go straight to the heart, I cannot choose which is better. But I know with certainty, they will hold the #1 and #2 spots in my favorites list. The combination of stunningly symbolic SHAFT animation… emotionally-charged Tenmon music… and a tale that brought tears of both happinesss and sadness to my eyes… Everything comes together into two works that are about as close to anime perfection as they could get.



2 Responses

  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed this anime :) I should try to find time to watch it sometime.

  2. ahhhhh this is just the beging of a emotionaly powerfull ride just sit down and cry with me when is over, trust me is just going to get better.

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