Kannagi – Episode 7


It’s not what you think… or is it?


WARNING: The following may be slightly disturbing.


x x x


x x x


x x x


x x x


But besides that, everyone came to get Nagi out of her closet… and from reading Jin’s porn.


And some discreet Sony marketing…



8 Responses

  1. Oh my… I need some context for this picture!

  2. None is required. :)

    All you need to know is that Nagi’s lifting a bit of her skirt with one hand and holding a magazine with a front-cover busty swimsuit model with the other.

  3. It doesn’t matter what I think; I already fapped to it.

  4. Your screenshots were not disturbing at all! They were kind of cute actually :P It looks like the boy is giving some kind of a package to the protagonist and he is really happy about it :)

    I pondered for some time what Nagi might be doing in this picture and I think I have an insight now :)

    It is clear that she is using her magical rod to provide good lighting to see things well. This lighting is especially important because she wants to compare the color of the swimsuit the girl on the book has with her own pantsu. She really likes the color, but have difficulty discerning if the color of her pantsu matches the one this girl has.

    The reason she is doing it is because since our protagonist has this book, he must really like this girl on the cover. Thus, Nagi is trying to match the girl even in such minutia as color of the pantsu. :P

  5. What Nagi’s doing is a lot simpler than you might think… and not so perverted as first implied :)

    Nagi can’t match the girl on the magazine. No boobs.

  6. A lot simpler… Maybe she is just hiding that book because someone is about to discover her in the closet? :P

    Aww… Too bad… She should go the Taiga route then :P

  7. Nope, rather, someone else is trying to hide them but she’s enjoying the “literature”.

    And no to Taiga. Shana/Louise complex = fail.

  8. See, see what you made me do! I watched the damn episode! :P

    They did alot of “fun and embarrassing things”, and now I know the dark closet secret :P

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