Kimi no Iru Machi – Chapter 20


Sis’s Welcome Party

Returning home, Haruto’s sister begins teaching at school.

Brief Summary

Introducing herself to the class, Aoi begins her first day at Haruto’s school. Though presented as a “beautiful, mature sister”, Haruto knows her true character.


x x x


During lunch, the group decides to throw a welcome party for Aoi. Seeing Nanami isolated from the talk, Haruto took the initiative and invited her to join them.


x x x


x x x


Despite promising to do the cooking herself, Aoi actually made Haruto do it instead. The group didn’t know the difference.


x x x


Seeing that food was running low, Haruto decided to start cooking more. Nanami volunteered to help him. Yuzuki also tried but she tripped over the table, staying behind to clean up the mess.


x x x


Watching Nanami work, Haruto realizes that he’s fortunate for their relationship to remain unchanged.


But while he’s watching her, she notices and lets him know that there might still be hope.


At a daze, Haruto wasn’t able to respond. Nanami had long left but there was someone else to hear his reaction… his sister.


x x x


In the last page of the manga, Aoi passes some advice to Haruto… telling him to give up on Nanami.



I liked Aoi in her intro chapter since she seems to be such a colorful character. She’s bound to guide Haruto into the right direction… or so I thought. With her finishing words, my feelings are now completely reversed. It doesn’t help that Aoi dumped all the responsibilities of her own party to Haruto. Now, I’m just short of hating her… almost Yuzuki-level hate.

In that scene with Nanami asking Haruto for more time, that event signifies one thing for me. There’s still hope for a Nanami x Haruto ending. The one that I long for!!! Shy Nanami is win <3

However, realistically, with Aoi backing Yuzuki now… Well, the ending’s obvious despite how I’m still hoping for a Cat Street turnaround.


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  1. Oh I love Aoi! Btw, I’m rooting for Eba for Haruto, I dunno… Two idiots look cute together ^_^. Though the ending is still a big question mark for whom he’ll end up with and why it’s a prequel for Suzuka.

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