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Death by Delusions

Brief Summary

Takeshi’s just a normal college guy who happens to have a young girlfriend.


x x x


However, his peaceful life was changed by Suzuri’s sudden move-in.


x x x


x x x


But, like any hot-blooded normal male, he discovers temptation…


Trying to be her “Prince”, Takeshi struggles to keep impure thoughts from his mind.


x x x


x x x


But… there’s another problem. Her family. In particular, her dad.


x x x


He happens to the head of a Yakuza group. Tacking on the typical overprotective father character… there’s more than just morality issues in his love life.


x x x


x x x


Ah yes. Young love :)


What got me at first was the hilarious prologue for this series. Two chapters about a misunderstanding that snowballed into a hairy situation. Definitely more than the standard ecchi/live-in girlfriend fare.

Another interesting detail is that the author for this also did Mel Kano, another romance/comedy series that I enjoyed. I didn’t realize it since the characters themselves are different. After closer inspection, similarities in the design are quite obvious.

Plot-wise, slow with the romance since it focuses more on Takeshi’s discomfort and how he tries to deal with Suzuri-MOE. Nothing serious. More humorous than anything else, especially with the “solution” to Suzuri’s sleeping problem.


Short and sweet. Pure Takeshi living in with a naive Suzuri… Yakuza papa… Getting some Seto no Hanayome vibes from this… I look forward for further updates.


3 Responses

  1. Suzune is so cute :3

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