New Work from Makoto Shinkai?


Source: Makoto Shinkai’s Fan Web

It’s been a while since I visited this site since there’s been no news about my favorite anime director. However, as translated from his (almost month-old) post, there’s a new work being developed. Hopefully, more information will come out in his upcoming November post.


5 Responses

  1. Yes, the new work was mentioned sometime ago. It sounds like it will take a while to finish though. That’s ok, I hope it will be better than his previous projects.

  2. Better? I hold Voices of a Distant Star to be my #1 anime and 5 cm per second to be #3. Any better would make my mind implode. X_X

  3. I heard Shinkai is planning something of monumental scale – get your helmet ready :P

  4. Monumental scale? Isn’t byousoku that monumental already? Holy crap. I’d die if I can’t watch this subbed in its first 7 days of release. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I’m so excited. XD

  5. Oh, and could you also update us on the recent news about this new work of his. Thanks a lot! ^^

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