GA-REI -zero- : Episode 6


Oh my… Is this who I think it is?

For those who haven’t read the manga, this appears to be Mitogawa Kazuhiro and he’s one of the major protagonists (moreso in the Juugondou storyline). He’s far older than he appears and only wishes to see the Nine-Tailed Fox (meaning he’s working for the sake of pure chaos).  In addition, he’s the one that…

Spoiler (highlight to read)

Kazuhiro was the one to give Yomi her sesshouseki (one of several spirit stones that contains some of the Nine-Tailed Fox’s power) and ultimately ended her by taking it back. To clarify things, he didn’t kill her living form… Kagura did. He just finished off Yomi’s vengeful undead spirit.

And it’s confirmed that he has a sesshouseki in one of his eyes as evidenced by the following screenshot.


With the introduction of more and more manga characters, I’m getting pumped up for the next couple episodes. I want to see how Yomi gets corrupted and that final sister vs. sister battle. Sword battle with spiritual beasts? DO WANT.


But for now, I’ll settle with the overwhelmingly unfair battle between Kazuhiro and Mei…


One more look at evil Kazuhiro


One Response

  1. Oh, I like the foxy themes weaved into the story :)

    Fancy eyes seem to be another trend this season :P

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