Kimi ni Todoke


Reaching You

A not-so-scary but scary-looking girl.

Brief Summary

The story centers around Kurunuma Sawako, a girl whose appearances seriously contrast her real character. Due to her long hair and ghost-like skin, she’s often mistaken for Sadako (from The Ring) and feared to bring curses to whoever matches her gaze. But in reality, she’s only wants to help people and be accepted by those around her. She wishes that her classmates would talk to her normally and not run away like they usually do.


x x x


Hence, that’s why she envies Kazehaya, a popular boy in her class. He always seems to be surrounded by friends and is never isolated like herself. But there’s soon another reason to why she idolizes him…


x x x


He’s one of the few who remebered her real name, not the adopted nickname of “Sadako”.


x x x


x x x


And so begins her transformation. With his help, Sawako’s able to break free of her cursed image and gain the acceptance she longed for… and maybe more :)


Though rushed with the summary, there’s really not much more. If it sounds like a generic romance, well… it is. Typical girl who’s misunderstood and with the help of a guy (who she later learns to like), she changes herself. Nothing outstandingly original in here… unless talking about how pure and naive Sawako is but there’s plenty of other series with that kind of character. Lightly comedic. Just standard romance with a Sadako-like lead.

Overall, taking into account of my previous analysis, not something that I would really recommend since I don’t see too much potential. It is warming with the friendship part and how she discovers two friends… despite bullies who tried to destroy her happiness with rumors. But that’s just the 2nd volume. Hopefully improvements to the plot will continue. Otherwise, I would drop these since free time is becoming harder and harder to get… due to exams and projects creeping up.


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  1. Ohwow Sadako is a moe XD

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