Kannagi – Episode 6


Poor Tsugumi…

Tsugumi is moe <3

Brief Summary

Getting a call from Jin, Tsugumi was more than willing to help him out. However, she was expecting Jin to come so she was more than disappointed when just Nagi showed up.


Regardless, the two girls set out to get more clothes… in particular, undergarments…


Nagi, raised from the distant past, was surprised by how far bras had progressed.


But all that joyous excitment withered away in the dressing room… when the stark reality of her flat chest came crashing down on her.



Letting out a moan of despair, Nagi quickly asked Tsugumi what her size was…


After a brief internal despute, Tsugumi proudly announced that she was a C-cup and said that it was normal, putting Nagi in more despair.


Tsugumi was trying to salvage Nagi’s pride by leading her to the B-cup section… but they went to the AA-cup by mistake.


Laughing it off, Nagi tried to cheer herself up… but the two girls were defeated when a schoolgirl came in looking for a new bra… a D-size.


The new development was more than enough to cause Nagi to snap.


And ignoring reality, Nagi chose to buy a D-cup bra.


Which leads to sacrilege.


I flat-out REFUSE!!!

So ends the first half of the show… The second half centers on the art club visiting a maid café.

But before their meido experience could begin, Akiba called Takako a fujoshi but since she didn’t understand, she passed it off.


Seated, there was a surprise waiting for them.


Nagi was the one serving them.


But before Jin could verify her identity, Nagi made her escape.


She was soon joined by Tsugumi who happened to sub for a sick friend.



The manager, seeing his customers unserved, shoved Nagi and Tsugumi out.


After being flocked by otakus, Tsugumi served their table. However, seeing Jin’s interest somewhere else, she couldn’t hold back her frustrations…


A little later, Nagi approached Jin, asking if he was angry. However, he was “too pure” and reacted compulsively, telling her to stay away since she’s too cute.


Of course, with something like that, Jin’s bound to feel embarrassed… and the two seniors of the art club are sure to remind him of it.

Meanwhile, Zange heard about Nagi’s new job and decided to try out. However, Nagi quit so there was no reason to be a maid… She tried to leave but the manager forcefully got her to stay.



From bra-hunting to cosplay/maids… Really, what’s there about Kannagi for me to hate?


One Response

  1. haha Meido and bra episode! Looks like you really enjoyed it :)

    While this Kannagi episode was about cosplay, Tytania finally made a bold move to hot pr0n ( the girl was on top :P )

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