The Rise of Trap-ism


Question: How many males/females are shown here?

Answer: No idea.

So, as mentioned in a previous post about trends this season, there appears to be another one. It seems to be the child birthed from the union of abusive females and sisterly love… and that is… the revival of traps.


If I didn’t spoil myself before watching the anime, I’d fall for Fon Master Ion.

Dialogue with a Friend

*image paused at the opening of episode one*


Me: You see that green-haired one?

Friend: Yea?

Me: So… what do you think… about that… person?

Friend: She’s ok?

Me: “She”? That’s a guy.

Friend: What? No way!

Me: Seriously, that’s a guy.

Friend: …

Me: You’ve been trapped.

Friend: … Damn you.



If you’ve seen the series, it would be obvious that the claim is false… and that previously mentioned friend would also agree. However, doubt started to surface once I introduced him to Bridget of Guilty Gear.


Comparing him to Sister Rosette from Chrono Crusade… Can you really tell the difference?


And this doesn’t even get to Gundam 00 Second Season… with Ribbon’s group of clones.


Anyone know if there’s anything gender-decisive here?

Moral: Be aware of the characters that you fanboy/fangirl over.


5 Responses

  1. hahaha I think we have a telepathic connection because I posted about traps today too lol

    Yeah, Gundam team is a mystery to me… I guess that is one of the reasons many girls enjoy the show :P

    My god… The green one…

    Oh, also we should always remember the oldie, but goody Fushigi Yuugi :P

  2. I meant to post about this earlier but stuff happens.

    “Gundam team”… best not be a mystery. It’s driving my friend insane. lol

    Don’t worry about Ion. She’s… He’s… oh forget it…

  3. Oh, I see how it is… You sent me some waves of trappism before :P

    Well, they will eventually reveal themselves, just like Ion :P

  4. I forgot about the rules of the Internet…

    Rule 21.
    It is delicious trap. You must hit it.


  5. Once you fap to a trap, there’s no turning back.

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