Claymore – Chapter 85

Guarding the Brotherhood

Rubel takes his leave while Helen and Deneve encounters Claymore’s in battle.

Brief Summary

Renee will now be referred as Rune until further notice.

Rubel departs but not without suggesting to Clare that they go save Rune and Rafaela. He isn’t concerned about his cover being blown since the Organization would never trust the words of deserting members.

x x x

Though taking his words into account, Clare decides to follow the original plan to find Raki.

Meanwhile, Helen and Deneve were watching a battle below between a Claymore team and an awakened being. They were calmly analyzing the fight, pointing out faults and weaknesses.

x x x

The Claymore team were doing bad, almost all of their non-single digit members taken out.

In a brief lull, Helen asked Deneve about who’s stronger, Miria or Clare.

However, their casual talk couldn’t continue since the only one Claymore was left to fight the Awakened Being.

Seeing the battle about to end, Helen asked Deneve if they should help them. Deneve answered no but if Helen jump in, she would be forced help out. However, Helen wanted Deneve to express her true sentiments so she continued the farce about leaving the other Claymores behind.

x x x

Deneve gets angry so Helen decides to act first.

Helen jumps down and slices off one of the monster’s arms.

x x x

Deneve jumps in afterward, saving Helen from a possible hit.

x x x

Seeing that there’s still one Claymore conscious, the two renegades try to knock her out… but failed.

x x x

The Yoma decided to butt in and launch its own attack, shooting a mass of tenacles from its mouth.

The Claymore moved Helen out of the way of one shot, reasoning that they’re not enemies.

x x x

Identifying themselves as secret warriors, Helen was able to convince the Number 8, Dietrich, to keep their secret.

The three decided to put the downed members at a safe location first.

x x x

After doing so, they launched a counterattack.

x x x

Weakening the beast, the final blow was left to Dietrich.

x x x

Beautifully done…


Hmmm, another new character? I wonder if the author is going to have another massive slaughterfest like what happened with the Northern Campaign. Just when all the new people are properly introduced, they all died in two chapters. Maybe that’s saved for the event of Rafaela awakening.

Rubel’s departure is to be expected. He just shoved the responsibility of saving Rune and Rafaela onto Clare so it won’t be surprising when Riful discovers their team. I bet Riful would fight them and just when she almost attains victory, Rafaela will awaken and everything will be thrown back into chaos. Oh, Rune is going to die. Almost guarenteed.

Watching Helen goad Deneve was interesting to say the least, seeing how it tested their relationship. I’m glad that Deneve reacted though she still needs to be more assertive. Helen’s as reckless as always, almost getting hit twice by the Awakened Being. I expected more from her since she’s an elder member of the team and Uma showed so much promise in previous chapters. Maybe it’s to showcase Dietrich. Not completely sure but the Number 8 Claymore seems more powerful than other new generation ones.


5 Responses

  1. I like the character design, but the action overload seems a bit too much :P

  2. An action series could never have too much action.

  3. If the gang is lucky, they might be able to win over another powerful ally. I think number 8 is cool enough to be their friend, I approve!

    There are some series that lose their steam after progressing so far but I’m more than satisfied with how things are going in Claymore. There’s still suspense, ample action and we’re assured of more plot twists & some possible love-love moments in the future though the manga has already passed the mid-way mark. ^________^

    [fangirl rant]omg! claymore is awesome, claymore is awesome, claymore is awesome![/fangirl]

  4. Oh come on, Helen can take that Awakened Being on all by herself if she was serious.

  5. @Hynavian
    Number 8 might screw up Helen and Deneve’s cover since… she might be too smart for her own good :p

    Since when is Helen really serious? :D

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