GA-REI -zero- : Episode 5

Moral of the Episode: Don’t cheat with your fiancé’s younger sister.

This was the cause of it all… Yomi’s perfume.

Kagura is moe.

Slow motion coffee splashing

The first shot of war… Coffee creamer.

Yomi getting serious.

Noriyuki getting serious.

x x x

Serious game faces

One Nue

A million kitsunes (give or take)

x x x

Face off! Round 2!

And… the director stopped what would’ve been the most epic fight of the season…

And of course, they deny their feelings for each other.

A secret meeting led by Kagura…


Briefcase man competing for Yomi’s love…

Getting rejected hurts.

It really hurts.

Option 1: FAIL

The twins competing for Yomi’s love…


Epic fail.

Option 2: FAIL.

And Option 3? Well… he’s not interested in stuff like this…

All hope seemed lost… until the director popped back in.

So the plan was to inspire Yomi’s jealousy…

Phase 1: Get close

Reaction: Stare…

With no reaction from Yomi, Phase 2 was set in motion.

Reaction: Dropping her drink.

I like Phase 2.

Not enough of a reaction? Phase 3!

Reaction: Yomi goes off to get a drink…

And… she pitches…

I think this was a suitable reaction.



Wasted tea.

So shameful… to be used.

With the charade over, the two lovers confront each other.

x x x

Yomi strikes.

x x x

Noriyuki retaliates.

Yomi gets another hit in.

Noriyuki tries to return the favor… but it’s blocked!

A devastating counter to the stomach was released… and Noriyuki’s downed.

Kagura, realizing that the plan’s messed up, jumps in.

Apologizing, moe Kagura diffuses the situation.

But Kagura wanted more… a kiss… between Yomi and Noriyuki.

Expectations are high!

Closer… closer… closer!!!

But before the smooch, Yomi reacts…

By grabbing the cuff of his suit…

And throwing Noriyuki onto the ground.

Mission: FAILED

Or did it? :)

x x x

And at the end of the episode, a new character…

But really, I need more Kagura-Yomi sistership.

And Noriyuki needs to recognize danger better… like the rest of the team.

2nd Moral: Don’t insult Yomi’s perfume if you value your life.


6 Responses

  1. Well, I have not seen the episode and have difficulty assessing this picture because it is somewhat distorted. It looks like the guy has a weasel? on his shoulder and the girl is spilling some coffee on him. O_o

  2. Sorry, I was still uploading images since WP failed me… or rather, my browser crashed because of it. The guy (Noriyuki) uses fox summons to spy for him so that’s one of the kitsune spirits. The girl is Yomi who he’s engaged to… as decided by their parents.

  3. Yeah, I saw that the pictures keep coming :P It takes a long time to upload them as a gallery sometimes. I just leave it crunching and go away from my PC to do something because I don’t want it to crash :P

    Then I insert the gallery, open another tab, go to my Media Library, and add the screenshot captions. This way I avoid messing with that flash WordPress tool for managing screenshots.

    Kitsune hordes will devour all their enemies! Muwahahaha!

    He should not have hit the girl… She threw him well though lol

    Thank you for posting many pictures :) It seems like you really liked the episode :) The show gets better with each episode.

  4. I’m always up for more Yomi/Kagura loving… and it’s laziness that more or less kills my mood for taking oodles of screenshots.

    Yomi showing her vulnerable side here? I like it.

  5. Yes, I recall that “sister episode” :P Just imagine what can happen in Kannagi with all three characters there :P

  6. I love this episode as its the most hilarious I have seen so far. Really love the Yomi X Noriyuki “fights”. (: I’ll give Kagura a candy for trying her best to bring them together. Great kid, great sister. Really, we need to see more sisterly love action!

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