Shikeisyu 042 – Chapter 1-2


How can you fight for your own life if you can’t fight at all?

Brief Summary

A group of delinquents heard about Oshini’s condition and figured that it’ll be fun to provoke him, knowing fully that the bomb planted in 042’s head would explode if they succeeded.

x x x

Later that day, when the students decided to make their move, everyone stood by to watch. Classmates, teachers, even the researchers… They did nothing to help Oshini.

x x x

x x x

Knocking over the cart of flowers, one of the delinquents stomped on them.

Oshini finally reacted and still, no one came to help.

x x x

Another warning came from Oshini but then his eyes fell upon the flower crushed beneath the student’s feet. Grabbing him, things quickly escalated, prompting the research team to warn 042 about his state.

x x x

x x x

But it was Yume who saved them all from possible disaster.

x x x

With her words, she stopped the impending fight and brought silence to the school. While running to them, she tripped and fell. Oshini let go of the boy and helped Yume up.

x x x

The situation quickly disappated when some faculty came down.

x x x

Before Yume was led away, she returned his words from before, telling him that “even if flowers were stepped on, they will blossom back again”.

x x x

But when Yume got out of hearing range, he lamented about the reality of the situation. The flowers were damaged beyond repair and will never blossom again.

x x x

They will never blossom ever again.


Oshini continues to show more and more of his humane side. The tears he shed at the end and how he kept those sad words from Yume’s ears almost completely erased any misconceptions I had made at the beginning, assumptions of the worst based on the 7 murders he committed. He’s not a bloodthirsty criminal that society paints him to be and seems quite harmless.

He really resembles Kitano from Angel Densetsu, giving an intimidating aura but his real personality doesn’t reflect that. However, what differentiates him from the mentioned Kitano is how Oshini had actually murdered people. There can be no denying that though things will be made clear in later chapters.

When reading the part about delinquents picking on Oshini, anger just fills me but the resolution through Yume’s involvement really balances it out, killing two birds with one stone. All’s well at the end and Oshini begins to develop a friendly relationship with Yume. Romance in the coming? A definite possibility but that’s for later.

After some deliberation, I decided to cover this series to fill in the regular update slot that Bitter Virgin once held. Besides, with Code Breaker disappointing me lately with its unoriginal and lackluster development, I’m searching for motivating manga to blog about… and then this came into view. So expect more coverage of Shikeisyu 042 in the future/.


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