Shikeisyu 042

I think my heart would be beating pretty fast even if I wasn’t in jail.

This is one of the best series I’ve ever read… even if it’s a bit cliché.

Brief Summary

The series centers around one man, a convicted murderer named Tajima Ryohei. Sentenced to death for killing 7 people in a Yakuza death-match ring, he’s been confined in a dark cell for the past ten years.

x x x

x x x

But then an opportunity came. Ryohei, also known by his prisoner number 042 (oh-shi-ni), was given a chance to be free…

x x x

The government plans to abolish the death penalty and life in prison sentence. However, this does not mean that criminals will go unpunished. Instead, a research team was formed to see if such convicts can be integrated back into society, working without pay until they die. As a safety measure, a small bomb is planted into their brains, set to go off once murderous intent is detected.

Taking on the risks, Oshini (I will refer to him as this from now on) agreed to the conditions and after the operation, he’s now free.

x x x

After seeing the outside world for the first time in ten years, Oshini cried…

x x x

And so he was sent off to work… at a school.

The research team was also sent there to observe his every move and how he reacts to various stimuli.

After cleaning the floor, he proceeds to work on the flowers outside. There, someone bumps into him and Oshini immediately flared up…

Until he saw who it was…

x x x

Detecting the event, the research team quickly started recording data.

Back on the yard, Oshini quickly realized that Yume, the schoolgirl, was blind. The two share a moment together, enjoying the blooming flowers nearby.

x x x

Though Yume was whisked away by some concerned classmates, he found her the next day. She was crying in the restrooms after overhearing some of her classmates’ words.

Asking about the flower that she accidentally crushed, Oshini cheered her up with some kind words.

x x x

And so continues Oshini’s integration back into society, touching the lives of countless people with his kind heart and healing his wounded soul in the process.


First of all, I should make one thing clear. The series isn’t very romance-oriented despite how I focused on Yume. She is still an important character but what I got from reading this was… a pure heartwarming sensation. It’s indescribeable.

Granted, Oshini/Ryohei isn’t the warped evil bloodlusting criminal that some of us have in mind. He seems to be a victim of bad luck, kidnapped from a young age and (from what I think) forced into the Yakusa ring. He’s more of an innocent, lost child.

This series captured my attention from the very first chapter… and held it. Shikeisyu 042 confronts several taboo topics so it’s more than just a story. However, what really made it shine was the 7th chapter with Ryohei’s mother. Touching, emotional, and unforgettable. Definitely a keeper.



I should really stop playing with GIMP…


4 Responses

  1. haha Looks like you are addicted! Be careful with those gifs now! :P

  2. They will keep coming… until I turn this into a Nagi shrine… though Shin beat me to it… :(

  3. there any reason why you called him Oshini?

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