Fall 2008 OP Fanboy-ism


The following two PV’s are srsly epic.

GA-REI -zero-

Title: Paradise Lost
Artist: Minori Chihara

The first couple seconds is just mindblowing with all the strings going at it. Everything is pumped up and then Minori comes in. Kept to be fast-paced and powerful… This totally reflects how GR-Z is. Epic. Just… pure… EPIC!!!

Oh, the added touch with the black veiled musicians is quite fitting and intriguing. Minori in red didn’t hurt either, considering how that’s my favorite color. Yea… I love this.


Title: Motto Hade ni Ne!
Artist: Tomatsu Haruka

With an OP for a series called “Crazy Shrine Maidens”, I expected the PV to be quite lighthearted and humorous… and it didn’t disappoint. I mean, how can I not enjoy something with cosplay?

But… there is one downer… Where’s her miko outfit? T_T


This is not suggestive at all.

It took me about 2 hrs to make this with my lame GIMP skills. Yea, it wasn’t a smart idea to try 100 layers for a .gif considering how demanding the software is on my outclassed laptop. I’ve lost count how many times GIMP had either crashed or forced me to terminate via Task Manager.

Inspiration for this came from a friend… and now, he’ll never look at Kannagi’s OP the same way ever again…


3 Responses

  1. Oh yeah, Kanzeon recently posted them too – they are fun :)

    Oh, I see why you like red… Recent study suggests that wearing red may boost sex appeal :P

    You know what works best? Start playing GAR Rei song, scroll down, and watch Nagi dance to it :)

    It sounds like it was not easy to put together that gif, but you did a great job with the animation :) However, I have a feeling you loaded it with some latent content :P

  2. Minorin was just very beautiful in Paradise Lost. I really love the song. And Haruka Tomatsu… OMG she’s just too adorable for words :D

  3. @Kitsune
    My GIMP experience is mostly my fault, trying to get more from my system than it could offer. 512 of RAM used to be great… now it’s barely passable.

    That latent content is all in your imagination :)

    Minorin <3
    Haruka seemed a bit too silly in her PV for me to fanboy over her….

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