Junkers Come Here

Junkers… is like… the best dog… EVER… or at least in the anime-verse.

Why? It’s because…

He watches old samurai flicks :)

And he can pull off doggy moe! … Well… somewhat…

Oh, he can talk… but seriously, that’s not that special in anime.


5 Responses

  1. Oh? They have an anime on dogs now?
    I wonder what happened to cute kitty Chi? (:

  2. Junkers has the worst name ever. But the awesomeness of his existence cancels it out.

  3. @Hynavian
    Well, Junkers is scared of cats… if that’s any consolation.

    “Yun-ka-su!” Yup, silly name but awesome doggy.

  4. Junkers Come Here feels Ghiblish, perhaps, due to Kazuo Komatsubara being the Animation Director. This anime has some other good staff as well such as director Junichi Sato (Aria, Kaleido Star, Sailor Moon) and color designer Michiyo Iriomote (Lain, NieA 7, Kino’s Journey). The story about parents and children is good too.

  5. Indeed. This movie is one of those that really goes to the soul. Good times.

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