Kimi no Iru Machi – Chapter 17

Honest Feelings

I laugh at Haruto… and then I cry a little inside.

Brief Summary

The class travels to Miya Island, one of Japan’s islands known for its beauty.

And of course, Yuzuki gets violated by nature (much like Tsukasa from Lucky Star). The deer start to attack her clothes and Haruto was critically wounded when he tried to help.

x x x

Nanami shows some concern later when they’re browsing through the stores. However, she maintained her distance.

x x x

x x x

x x x

But Nanami did give her answer at the end of the trip… and it was…

x x x

Rejection. Just friendship…


I laugh because Haruto really got what he deserved… for not sticking with his “love” for Nanami. He was confused by Yuzuki and focused too much on her. In fact, a misunderstanding was made just because of that (though it was cleared up later thanks to Narumi).

However, this lessesn the chance of a final Haruto x Nanami pairing at the end, which makes me sad. Friendship… sometimes, it hurts more than being hated.


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