Thou must worship Nagi!

A Nagi wallpaper is a must-have for a worshipper like me.


5 Responses

  1. While I can’t join the Nagi worship with you, I do like this wallpaper because, unlike many other noisy anime wallpapers, it is very clean.

  2. Indeed, plenty of space of desktop shortcuts… and those jpeg images since I’m too lazy to make their own folders.

  3. Desktop shortcuts… Well, this reminded me of something, I am going to make a post about “stroking” soon :P

  4. Now that’s my kind of paper. Clean, free of visual clutter, non-distractive (well, except for that marvellous Nagi portrait on the right). I’m no minimalist – I do appreciate a touch of richness and detail in desktop backgrounds – but wallers tend to go overboard with decorative elements so it’s quite refreshing to see some elegant simplicity now and then.

  5. /worships

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