Seikon no Qwaser

Fullmetal Alchemist with a healthy dose of fanservice

That description is a lie… well, partially. There is plenty of fanservice.

Brief Summary

Now if you guess correctly which of these 3 I like the most… I’ll do something…

The story centers upon Mafuyu, a girl who’s constantly looking out for Tomo.

Tomo is very clumsy and prone to accidents. However, most of the trouble comes from her status as the former headmaster’s daughter. Because that position was lost, she endures a lot of bullying from classmates, in particular the current headmaster’s daughter.

x x x

x x x

But despite all the pranks, the two girls endure and managed to live a somewhat peaceful life.

However, everything changed when their church was set on fire. The culprit wore a mask and used a mysterious power over metal.

About to be killed, she was saved by another stranger.

x x x

But… he was low on power… so he had to fuel up… in an unique fashion.

After getting charged up, Sasha proceeded to attack the arsonist and is in many ways, pure GAR.

Anyways, long story short, her savior is a Qwaser, someone who can manipulate metals at the cost of soma. Soma is regained by suckling on the breast of a female so you can imagine how the series will develop. Other people with similar powers are after something called an “Icon”, something that Mafuyu and Tomo know… but don’t know. Sasha was sent there to prevent that from happening. So the plot’s set up to have epic battles pitting Qwaser against Qwaser… with fanservice on the side.


Admittedly, the only reason why I started this was because it used a Claymore-esque symbol on the cover. However, after reading it, I realized that it’s great… but in a completely different manner.

Sasha is pure win. If I could relate him to any other character, it would be Sousuke from Fullmetal Panic… but instead of guns, he uses a scythe and some alchemy (no other way to really describe it).

There is plenty of action… but at the same time, due to how soma’s gathered, there’s also quite a bit of fanservice… including a domineering loli. Kinky with her slave.

x x x

So in summary, if you like action and fanservice, this one will definitely be a favorite for you. Relatively new, I could only find 7 chapters so waiting for updates could be a tad painful.


5 Responses

  1. Now if you guess correctly which of these 3 I like the most… I’ll do something…

    I say you like BLUE HAIR girl :P

    Just to add a little balance, I’ll say I like red hair girl :P

  2. The art and plot seems nice so I’ll be catching this manga too. I first thought that it’s a shoujo-ai series with 2 girls overly caring for each other but on seeing the Qwaser, it seems like this whole series is geared towards fan service and action instead.

  3. Fanservice + Action = Good Combo in my opinion :)

  4. I totally like this manga,i like action and well…everything!
    Kinky is my favourite ;D

  5. Indeed. Action + Fanservice = winning combo!

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