So… about that Gundam 00 Second Season…

Dear Sunrise,

You have inspired me to be a taxi-driver…

Really, I mean, seriously… Just look at what this Lyle Dylandy fellow gets for driving a green taxi around.

He gets picked up by this random stranger who’s recruiting for some terrorist group called Celestial Being. No letter or email. None of that indirect stuff. He was personally picked out by “Best Recruiter of the Year” Setsuna with his oh-so-manly persuasion skills.

In this current day and age, you either need years of training or a fat wallet to get to space. In the Gundam 00-verse, all you need is some determined teen who lived in his beaten-up mecha for the past 4 years.

Actually, screw NASA or whatever government-funded organization in charge of space travel. Driving a taxi is much better in preparation than some zero-G simulation plane.

To reinforce my previous point, NASA doesn’t even consider critical events like “evading pew-pew laser fire from bad mecha pilots”. Driving a taxi is like fighting a war in itself. Ever tried New York City and looking for free parking?

But I do have some issues with your policies in other areas…

Such as rainbows. Please stop them. Seriously. There were enough of them in Code Geass R2 and I swear, if I ever see any of Gundam Meisters riding a white stallion, I’m going to fully devote myself to Kurogane no Linebarrels for my mecha fix. It would be bad for both YOU and ME.

Oh, and please clearly distinguish the gender of your characters. I’m still not sure what Regene is… but fairly certain that Tieria is male and Shirin is female.

Yes, I might be a bit inexperienced if Celestial Being actually exist and I got recruited…

Though being heterosexual isn’t so great in the Sunrise-verse, the benefits outweigh the risks…

… … …

But being with Feldt would make up for it… right?

Anyways, time to change my career plan to being a taxi driver. Might have to wait a couple years before a Setsuna would come around and give me keys to my sweet sniper Gundam.



2 Responses

  1. Oh, and please clearly distinguish the gender of your characters.

    Nah, intrigue is good :P

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