GA-REI Zero – Episode 3

I approve!

It’s finally here! Kagura’s future Byakuei… Shiro!!!


7 Responses

  1. My goddness, what a scary beast! Well, given the previous episodes, I bet that crazy sword girl will slay it too :P

  2. I haven’t seen this yet! I guess passing your bedtime for this is exceptional :D

    That dragon looks familiar though …

  3. @kitsune
    Actually, it’s most likely the reverse…

    As I’ve said, sleep is unnecessary :)

  4. Ah spoilers!!!!!

    Episode 3 is a rather sweet but touchy episode. I wonder what happened to cause the change in yomi. :( No, don’t tell me. I’ll stay tune weekly to find out instead. ^.^


    The episode pretty much demands a yuri doujin featuring Yomi and Kagura. Yum.

  6. Go Yomi, kill them all but I want the flashbacks to end and have Kensuke appear already, he the main character after all >.<

  7. I feel different. Yomi was such an intriguing character and it was a shame that the manga didn’t focus on her (in comparison to the other characters). Well, it’s her turn to be in the spotlight… and I’m pretty confident that there will be enough support for another season… unless they pull a Claymore on us.

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