When I read this… I thought of Shin… and how appropriate it was…

WARNING: Has some not-so-clean stuff inside

Brief Summary

Love-yan, better known as Cupid, is bound by duty to aid those starving for affection. In simpler terms, if there is someone who has unrequited love, she would jump in and try her hardest to create romance.

It was one of those days when she detected such a lonely desire… and she made her way into the man’s room…

Only to find him fapping…

To a H-scene…

It became her duty… to help this poor fellow out.

They wasted no time to confront his lover… but… there’s a slight legal problem…

x x x

But his reasons were justifiable… for the most part.

x x x

As Cupid continued her attempts to find a perfect match, she transforms her client… for better or worse…

x x x


When I first touched this, there was the obvious shock value… and that’s about it. Other than that, the series is nothing spectacular. It’s just filled with the troubles of Cupid as she endlessly tries to help Kazufusa find love. There’s plenty of sexual innuendos, focusing on the guy’s lolicon nature. An amusing read if you could deal with its… somewhat inappropriate material.


5 Responses

  1. Oh god… Um… The first image of the post was so deceptive! I thought it is a manga about angels, but it turned out to be about quite the opposite…

  2. What was seen… cannot be unseen :)

  3. Should I be happy I’m synonymous with all things perverse? I ought to check this out just to see how right you are.

  4. this manga is just disgusting
    it goes against everything moe

    fuck you rabuyan

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