Boku ni Natta Watashi


My second… finishing a genderbending series… and enjoying it…

Brief Summary + Impressions

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of genderbending characters for anything other than comedy. Makoto in Minami-ke is an example of enjoyable genderbendism. Randoh in Pretty Face and Yuki from No Bra… not so much. The only series I’ve touched with a deeper, more serious plot was Tokyo Crazy Paradise. But there was a good bit of humor mixed with plenty of action at the end. And now to add onto that collection… there’s this.

The protagonist, Momoko, suffered a cruel twist of fate. Her life was ruined when her twin brother Akira ran away.

x x x

And due to their mom’s obsessive, perfectionist nature, Momoko was forced to be a boy for Akira’s sake.

x x x

x x x

To make things worse, her secret was soon discovered by none other than her roommate.

x x x

x x x

To keep her secret, Momoko’s forced to be his slave.

As you might already foresee, this relationship develops into something more…

Something much more… Something MUCH MUCH more…

But romance is never so simple and love rivals do exist. Since they’re attending an all-boy’s school, there’s some shounen-ai.

x x x

Of course, misunderstandings are prevalent as they try to keep Momoko’s true gender a secret. There’s also a decent bit of fanservice so if you’re sensitive to ecchi, you’ve been warned.

x x x

x x x

x x x

So yea, this is only the second gender-bender series that I’ve finished and enjoyed. It’s quite short with only 16 chapters but bound to entertaing you for a bit. Sweet, adorable, and funny at the same time.

I just hope this doesn’t wear down my immunity to Kyonko and bishounen Gundam meisters…


4 Responses

  1. It’s finished already? I’m still on chapter 13 T.T… For other gender-bending manga, I also like Maria+Holic.

  2. I’ve been so out of touch with manga recently that my life is missing out a major joy in life. :(

    I read the first few chapters of Boku ni Natta Watashi some time back and found the plot hilarious. At first I thought that it was something like Hana Kimi, with girl pretending to be a guy in the male school, but luckily, the plot differs and I prefer reading this instead. (:

    I think Pretty Face is a funny “gender blend” story at the start but it become so ridiculous, too much fan service and some stunts are so impossible that I drop it mid way.

  3. …I kinda stopped following this manga after some time, I blame my laziness. LIke Hynavian, I found Boku ni Natta Watashi to be much more enjoyable than HanaKimi, it’s short and sweet, and definitely has more ‘spice’ (not just because of the smut lol).

  4. cool manga, I really enjoyed it….

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