ef – A (late) Revelation

So, after extracting and converting to mp3, I’ve been constantly listening to [ebullient future]. Though I haven’t got bored of it, the OP is much better with the symbolic animation. Yes, the music is great but combining audio and visual… Well, that’s perfection.

Brief Digression
A while ago, I was trying to tell a friend about the brilliance of ef and how brilliant its music is. Listening to [ebullient future] and [euphoric field] gets my heart racing. It’s just so emotional, always reviving the romantic side of me. It brings up images of how love (at least in the anime world) is. Everything… Their attraction, their passion, and the trials that the lovers overcome… To me, it’s all encompassed in these songs.

But alas, my friend is more of a Gundam nut so his affections are misplaced with the new season of 00.

Late Revelation

[ebullient future]

[euphoric field]

[emotional flutter]

[ever forever]

[eternal feather]

All in the OP animation. I knew about the first season with the episode titles and how their first letters would make up [euphoric field]… but the initials of the song itself? Why didn’t this occur to me before?

Oh, with the next episode title being “Read”, the initials don’t follow the song title. I tried looking for words starting with “er” but none of them appealed to me. You could give it a try but half of those words… Well, you’ll find out for yourself once you look at them. Anyways, my guess is that they’re spelling [ebullient future] backwards :)

Image is from Omni’s site. My screenshots are never that high quality :(


5 Responses

  1. I have not watched the anime, but I liked the opening :)

    Ah, that is an interesting way to code words :)

  2. I’m kinda surprised why they didn’t add
    [erotic fantasies] after all the exposure. :)

  3. You could be right… but I hope not :)

  4. I’ve been looping this song continuously for the past 36 hours.

  5. It’s stuck on my mp3 player… on loop… not that I mind… but yea…

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