If this blog ever breaks down…

I want to have a cool message like CCY‘s. :)


9 Responses

  1. lols, me too!

  2. I’ll write something like this for my blog down message too. XD

  3. WordPress has never failed so far, but such messages are fun. I especially like this one :P

  4. Link fails to load. orz\

  5. But have you read what it said? :P

  6. It actually didn’t load with a Firefox browser error… but now it did. Inspiration for lonely men?

    Wait… Are you implying something?!

  7. No, not implying anything :P I find it interesting that the page provides both humorous and useful information :)

  8. ApproachAnxiety 404 message = epic win.

    I need to throw together a great “under repair” message for my own blog. Maybe something Nagato-style.

  9. epic lulz. i dont get it. XD

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