Fall 2008 Episode 1 Impressions

Yes, I’m shamelessly promoting Rei fanboy-ism

After watching the first episodes of some highly anticipated series for the new Fall 2008 anime season, I have mixed reactions to how the shows will proceed.


While I looked forward to watching this animated adaptation, I admit episode 1 didn’t meet my expectations. There’s a lot of little details that I want to pick at… but in conclusion, what I wanted to see wasn’t there… and nothing made up for it.

One example would be Taiga’s late night visit. It should’ve been more intense with the Gatotsu stance… but that didn’t happen.

Despite all the good reviews in the blogosphere, I’m going to have to kill my prospects for this one. So if you’re in this happy bubble thinking that everyone’s going to like Toradora!, I might be the one to pop it.

Maybe it’s because I’m spoiled by the manga, enjoying the cuter (but still ferocious) Taiga and grouchier Ryuji. Maybe it’s because I know what’s going to happen and it’s not to my liking. Overall, low expectations for the next few episodes and it’s in danger from me dropping it.

Ga-Rei Zero

Words can’t describe my disappointment in this one. If it wasn’t for the last 5 minutes, I would have dropped this at the start.

Anime != Manga

So I began watching this thinking that I’ll be exposed to the wonderful world of Ga-Rei (the manga) with the awesome Kensuke and Kagura duo… Maybe getting a glimpse of Byakuei Shiro, Kagura’s dragon pet-thing that consumes evil spirits. Instead, my eyes were raped by bland shounen with horrible artwork. Dual pistols while standing on a motorcycle? Scriptures on the tires of said motorcycle? Pretty ridiculous and NOTHING like the manga.

As mentioned before, if it wasn’t for entire cast’s sudden death at the end, this would’ve been the first and last episode for me.

Gundam 00 Second Season

It’s the second season of Gundam 00 and who could resist more Sunrise fun? I’ll be watching this with a Gundam nut so it’ll be fun seeing my friend’s reaction… even if the episodes fail.

Future emo-boy pilot?

Drugged up and being responsible of a Mobile Suit? Reasonable.

Overall, this episode didn’t appeal to me. Yes, Setsuna with his broken Exia returns… only to be saved by the pimped up Virtue. Saji and Louise seem to be on opposite sides of an upcoming war. I suppose this will be my mecha fix for this season.

Kurogane no Linebarrel




The manga was ok… barely ok. Now I see this? Horrible. Just plain horrible. I’m losing hope in anime adaptations…

Clannad ~After Story~

How can I not like Clannad? There’s Tomoya misleading Sunohara. Life is good.


This is my ray of hope in all the despair. Funny. Cute. Motivating. It’s like Clannad but with a priestess.

Final Words

As you can see, I got lazy for the last couple shows. I’ll probably flesh out my opinions later but since I’m too tired, this will have to do for now.

Image credits go to Google search and Omni‘s blog.


5 Responses

  1. WHAAAAAAAAA?! Toradora was awesome!

  2. I just caught Tora Dora and I think that it might be one of the nicer anime for this season. :) Ga-Rei will be next on my list as I promised someone (*blissmo) that I’ll be catching it.

    I think the reason satisfaction stems from knowing and expecting too much from a series. I dropped Sekirei anime because I was at the latest manga chapter and felt that it was boring to watch from day 1 incidents again. Also I picked up the differences and was displeased with some of the discrepancies.

  3. Speaking of blue haired goddesses…

    Evangelion 2.0 Film Set for Early Summer of 2009

    [[The website promises that the second movie will feature the fan-favorite character Asuka ( oh yeah, I bet you like that! :P ), the EVA-02 unit, “new Evangelions,” “added items previously unknown to anyone,” “a shocking new story, and new visuals.” ]]

    Yeah, Gatotsu stance would have been awesome! See, we were correct in our assessment of Toradora trailer! May Exposure!!! Zetsuboushita!!!

    haha I had to resist the temptation to fast forward Ga-Rei, but had to contain myself because I was taking screenshots lol Even though the ending was epic, I am not going to blog about this anime.

    I have not seen Gundam because I have not seen the first season.

    Everyone is saying that Kurogane fails lol I have not watched it yet and, probably, will not do watch at all :P

    No Clannad for me, but I liked the kitties in the OP :3

    I had very high expectations of Kannagi… That is all I’ll say….

    However, the big question is… WHAT ABOUT THE NUN?!!!

  4. What? New Evangelion? More Rei?! FABUL— Wait, focus on Asuka? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFAIL!!!

    As pointed out several times, Toradora is still in its infancy so I’m hoping that the next episode will give some reason for me to keep watching… otherwise, it’ll be another series that I rather read than watch. But still, my impressions were poor.

    Ga-Rei’s only redeeming factor is the death overload at the end. I hope there’s actual substance to the Ga-Rei manga… and pray that it doesn’t turn out to be one of those series that just borrows the name of another work but hold no relation at all…

    Kurogane no Linebarrel fails because the pilot is not only emo… but thinks his emo powers will bring justice to the world. Manga is bad enough reading about him… but watching it… urgh…

    Kannagi will get better… so long as the producers don’t jump on the harem train. There’s actually not too much of a harem atmosphere… so my expectations remain high.

    I forgot to blurb about Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka and Hyakko… bleh.

  5. It will be failbulous! :P

    Yes, we’ll see how Toradora will progress.

    It might be the case that they just changed the Ga-Rei intro to KO the viewers, but later will follow manga more closely ( by the way, it is easy to remember the name of the series because it involves an overlap of two very popular words: GAR + Rei :P Of course you know that to aid recall, it is best to imagine the object you are trying to memorize. Try not to think of GAR Rei lol)

    I say if Shinji did it, Kurogane will safe the world as well :P

    Oh, I can smell upcoming harem in Kannagi, but let’s hope that I am wrong :)

    No big deal, take your time and blog about other shows later :)

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