Amuri in Star Ocean OVA – Episode 1

My reaction after watching this… and after rewatching it…

Macross Frontier missile spam, Hanyuu’s relative, Mai Hime costumes, and FLCL kiss.

Brief Summary

I really think… words cannot describe this. It’s too much… but in a good way.

Meet the protagonist, Amuri Kakyoin. She’s an adapter that has a “repulsion” allergy. Think of it as being unable to touch anything, repulsed by even her own family.

She meets two other girls in her wayward voyage through space… bouncing off everything.

x x x

But every encounter had one thing in common… Kiss-su~

x x x

Skipping all the boring parts involving Power Ranger rejects…

We have an epic space battle… that puts Macross Frontier to shame. No gender-questionable Alto-hime. No love triangle between Sheryl-idol and Ranka-moe. Just magical girls who manage to change the tide of battle… with a flashy apparel change… which involves stripping…

x x x

Is it white or pink?

Of which, we have super repulsive Amuri…

Of course, the evil automated machines don’t like her so they decided to spam her with missiles…

x x x

That didn’t work since she reflected the missiles straight back, blowing the attackers up with their own weapons. But… that wasn’t the end. Bigger guns were called for…

To deal with her repulsive nature, the bad guys brought their own reflectors.

With their cannons going off and the reflectors bouncing every shot back, the battlefield started to look like a giant pinball game… with plasma balls flying around.

x x x

x x x

However, Amuri gets another power-up, fueled by emotions from her past…

Braving through continuous fire, she closes in on the monstrosity and destroys it.

x x x

x x x

x x x

x x x

All the bad guys are destroyed and a happy ending… if it weren’t for no more air.


Admittedly, my knowledge of Star Ocean extends little beyond the fact that it’s based off a game… where people are in space… I think. I remember watching a trailer of it which was pretty good so my expectations coming into this was fairly high. However, though it was definitely not what I expected, it was still a very enjoyable experience.

Before Higurashi, I haven’t really heard too many “Hauu”s. However, this more than makes up for it with Amuri’s bouncy adventure in space. The kiss scenes were focused on a bit too much but I guess it’s for the humor. Her transformation and the subsequent space battle was the climax of this episode. I was watching this with a friend and we both bursted in laughter when she reflected everything back.

Stepping back, the show’s not perfect. The animation has too much CG in it so it might throw off some viewers. The excessive Hauuu-ing can get annoying… but these flaws are overshadowed by that epic battle between Amuri and the battleship. Very amusing and a definite win in my opinion.


2 Responses

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will stay away from this OVA. What’s with the power ranger and fire work display scenes? Just the scenes alone made me LOL and I find it so ridiculous that I’m not gonna catch it.

    PS: Thanks for sharing the many beautifully well taken screen shots. It gave me a rough idea of how “good” the whole OVA is. XD

  2. Well, the power rangers appear for no longer than 30 seconds and those fireworks are actually Amuri’s repulsive allergy reacting to the machine firepower. Still an impressive light show.

    Random? Yes. Enjoyable? Yes. Has shoujo-ai vibes? Definitely.

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