ToraDora Trailer

What the… hell? Somehow, I already dislike this…


8 Responses

  1. The trailer doesn’t look impressive at all!
    But I’ll give the series a try and drop it if it’s mediocre after a few episodes. Will you be catching it too? (:

  2. I got just a few glimpses of that manga, so I am not sure what to expect. One thing that my eye noticed is that character design seem to be worse compared to manga and the girl voice does not seem to fit the character well. What about you? Could you please elaborate what made you dislike that trailer?

  3. @Hynavian
    As a fan of its manga, I’m obligated to watch it… just like how I suffered through Maplestory (TV). Hopefully, this experience will be much more pleasant.

    The voices don’t mesh as you said… but the atmosphere is just wrong. It’s too lighthearted and though the series is based on misunderstandings (hence, most of the comedic moments), the execution in this trailer left a very bad aftertaste. Can’t really describe it but the CM rubs me the wrong way. I’ll be starting the anime with a low expectation… so I hope it’ll be able to surprise me :\

  4. At least she’s pretty

  5. I’ll watch it, just because Kugimiya Rie is in there.

  6. So… I just watched the first episode and posted the usual wall of screenshots, but, for some reason, it just failed to interest me :( Basically it was about a small girl beating the hell out of the guy with some romantic flavoring. I really didn’t like the character designs also. Music was good though. Manga looked much better in all aspects.

  7. I watched it too, and I disagree with Kitsune, as we sometimes do. :)

    The main character’s actually very interesting because he’s the antithesis of the mild-mannered school boy who wants to be a tough guy: instead, he’s a nice guy whose bad looks have given him a reputation at school. I’ll admit Taiga is still mostly undeveloped but hey, it was only the first episode after all.

  8. @Korasoff
    True. Ryuji kinda reminds me of Kitano from Angel Densetsu… but the former looks more refined. Taiga on the other hand… well, she has her moments. The manga is 50/50 for me right now since it’s not too original in the romance department. I guess I’ll have Ef to cover that side…

    Manga is falling into that trap of non-original development. I’m not too sure now how good it is.

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