Watashitachi no Tamura-kun – Chapter 10

The Place We Couldn’t Return To

The revelation of Souma’s secret… and Tamura’s choice.

Brief Summary

Concerned about Souma’s condition, Tamura wanted to stay by her side but the nurse wouldn’t allow it. After examining the girl, the woman tried explaining to him that it’s more of a psychological illness rather than a physical one…

x x x

But of course, Tamura didn’t listen to her and tried to stay. Though she was about to remove him, after hearing his words, the nurse changed her mind and even walked out, giving the two some private time together.

x x x

Souma finally exposed herself, showing her crying face to him. Then she started to reveal her secret…

x x x

In middle school, there was a popular guy who asked her out. Not interested herself, she knew that other girls in the same class wanted to be in her position. Thinking for others (though not really), she turned down his request and tried to push him toward a fellow classmate. However… that had the opposite effect.

x x x

x x x

In just a day, she became an outcast. This was her secret and hating upon her weak nature, she was determined to change in high school. But upon meeting her former classmates, everything she built up… the defenses around her heart… they crumbled in an instant.

x x x

x x x

After Souma thanked him, Tamura left the room. He was returning to class when he spotted the two girls who triggered Souma’s panic attack.

x x x

He wanted to protect Souma… and Tamura confronted the girls directly with the intention to do. However, he did not expect them to be so ignorant nor for himself to be so unsure of his relationship with her.

x x x

Before he could continue his foolhardy campaign, Souma showed up and stopped him. She clearly told him that she didn’t want his help… but following that outburst, she didn’t show up at school.

x x x

x x x

A couple days later, he found the nurse alone outside. Talking with her, they both realized that they failed with Souma, unable to bring her back. However, the woman gave him a questoin, asking why he ran away… what made him change… In response, the image of Matsuzawa and Souma came to his mind…

x x x


I knew that this would be a great series just by how the characters were introduced. They were interesting and very unique, more than enough to distinguish Matsuzawa and Souma from other typical harem/love triangle girls. There was so much mystery surrounding them. It was a delight reading this as I learn more and more about the girls with each passing chapter. Again, I highly recommend this to any avid romance/drama fan.

Back to this chapter… I know in previous posts, I made my stance clear. I liked Matsuzawa more than Souma. However, this might be the turning point. The secret she had… and the truth behind her painful past were revealed. Honestly, I expected a bit more than bullying from a scorned confession… but it happens. But what changed my perception of Souma is how human and vulnerable she was. She was known as the “Ice Queen” but here, she was little more than a sobbing mess.

As for Tamura? Though I didn’t like his inassertivenes, his action would probably mirror mines if I was ever put into that position. Therefore, I can’t hate what he did by confronting those girls… but I don’t like it either.

The next chapter will probably be on Tamura convincing Souma to come back to school. I know the release is already out there but I need to find the time to read and blog about it…

Time? I never have enough of it…


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  1. I like the art, especially hair :)

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