Doujin Work – Chapter 25

The image is misleading you… somewhat.

Briefest of Brief Summary

The life of a mangaka is indeed hard…

Kaneru, inspired by what she witnessed from the park (and misunderstood), decided to use BL as her next selling point. Asking the subject himself to pose, she got a live action model… and passed the point of no return.

At the same time, Najimi’s doing the same… with erotic manga in mind. Instead of using Junichiro as her model, she enlisted the help of Justice and Sora… which could have gone wrong in the legal sense.


Just lulz. The series is just full of epic lulz. And really, making a manga isn’t so easy as presented here but that’s not the point. Najimi is just an amateur to manga and eventually, she develops a rivalry against Kaneru. With the help (or however you see their influence) of Tsuyuri, Justice, and Sora, she works on her skills as an artist… and suceeds… somewhat.

Focusing on various characters and drawing out misunderstandings… capitalizing on them, Doujin Work is just full of laughs as you read each 4koma. Sure, there’s a lot of innuendo and some BL suggestions… but it’s kept just for humor… instead of other series such as Code Geass R2 (Lulu x Suzaku). Light-hearted and nothing serious, an excellent need when you need a de-stressing moment.


4 Responses

  1. haha This is fun :) I approve manga about artists :)

  2. I wish I was as cool a lolicon as Justice ;-;

  3. I need to remind myself to pick this series up.

  4. @kitsune
    I also approve :)

    You always have photoshop and CGR2, lulz


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