The End of zeNIME

After a week of this message whenever I visit, I suppose they really are dead.

This was the first anime blog that I’ve actively kept up with. I’m sad now that they cease to exist :( I’ll miss their music coverage and occassional anime posts….


3 Responses

  1. Too bad :( I don’t recall that blog, but maybe if you google some of the names of the people who posted on it, you’ll find a reincarnated version :)

  2. Which reminds me that lots of my blogging buddies are missing too. Some of them have their sites up but they’re not posting. As for the others, their sites just go offline totally. I miss them. :(

  3. I think (well, for American bloggers) school’s starting back up and everyone’s trying to adjust their schedule between academia and free time. Oh how I miss the lazy summer times…

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