Hayate no Gotoku – Chapter 94

The Leader of the Teope Union said “Love and Hate is the Same”

Let me finish that line for you Hayate Hermione… “I’m screwed”.

Briefest of Brief Summaries

Kotetsu first asked for a dance… but was refused.


Then there was a heartfelt confession…


But it was interrupted by a yaoi fangirl spying on them. She didn’t mind the live-action at all.


Then came the revelation… that Hermione is actually Hayate, a guy.


Verification via chest molestation was executed.


And finally, we have the RAGE.



It’s like a trainwreck… You could see it coming. You should move out of the way or at least turn away from your impending doom. But no, it’s just so captivating… the broken revelation that Kotetsu made about Hermione’s real identity.

Moral of this Chapter: To end wars, you must kill off traps.


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