Elfen Lied – Chapter 107 (Finale)


The end of one chapter in human history..

Brief Summary

With the death of Lucy, the world returned to normal. Though there was an increase in Diclonius babies, the vaccine developed by Arakawa helped remove the birth restriction set by the W.H.O. (World Health Organization). Kouta returned to the inn and like mankind, he’ll learn to overcome everything…

x x x

x x x

At the island research center, an unknown figure rises from the rubble. It turns out to be Anna in her true form, shedding the giant monstrosity that she had earlier. Stumbling in the same room was the mercenary that helped Arakawa escape.

x x x

But when asked to show the exit, Anna couldn’t remember anything. Her powers… were gone. She’s now a normal human.

x x x

Back on the mainland, Nana visits Mariko’s grave and wishes to be with Kurama. Cursing her Diclonius heritage, she blames herself for the distance between them. But after everything’s cleared up, the Director promised that the two will be… together… forever…

x x x

x x x

Meanwhile, Mayu continues to visit the beach, hoping to meet up with that man from before. Just when she started to cry, Bando appeared… and they have their happy end.

x x x

x x x

And for Kouta, despite getting together with Yuka, he never forgot the promise he made with Lucy.

x x x

And keeping his promise, Kouta continued to return to the promised place, waiting for Lucy to reappear.

x x x

Seasons had passed… and a child was born. Taking his daughter (named Nyuu) there, he revisited that place in the forest.

About to head back, Nyuu discovered something buried beneath the rock.

x x x

Uncovering a letter, Kouta realizes that the two he were waiting so long for… He could finally meet them again.

x x x

x x x

And then, the twins Nyuu was talking about earlier came into view. Identical, the two mystery girls also confessed to waiting for a special friend to appear.

x x x

Tears forming in his eyes, he realized just who those two are… and joyously turned around to greet them.


A very fitting end in my opinion. Normally, I abhor resurrection endings where everyone’s reborn just to make a perfect end… but I guess Elfen Lied was tragic enough to make it work. Yuka gets to be with Kouta… though she might find herself sharing him with the twins. Bando gets Mayu. Kurama gets Nana. Wait, there’s a trend here… maybe something about marrying young girls? I must be thinking too much…

The part when Kouta spent seasons waiting at the promised place was the most touching of all. It reminded me of my favorite anime where time and distance stand between their relationship. The open end was ok… since everything’s pretty much resolved. Complicated questions like how Lucy and Nyuu got reborn were left for the readers to answer. A cheap tactic for the author to use… but it’s the cleanest way this could have ended.

On the whole, a very tragic tale that also appeals with its gory aspect. Sad but not entirely depressing. The last chapter does a complete reversal so it’s obviously a “good end”.

Definitely one of the best series I’ve ever read.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10


23 Responses

  1. I think some of this might be easier to understand if you consider the possibility of 3 personalities (Lucy, Kaede, and Nyu) As there is evidence of there being such

    Such as 2 forms (Nyu/Kaede) Standing in front of Kouta when Lucy tries to kill him. They even say “we” are holding Lucy back while Lucy is in control.

    Also is who can use vectors (Lucy/Kaede can while Nyu can not) That is why Nyu had to be saved from Kurama. But Kaede does destroy the jets/ship while angry (its not Lucy) Also Nyu does not remember doing all the things to save Kouta so I am guessing Kaede receded after the fight was over.

  2. I tend to think, some anime aside, that the only thing Yuka will have to share with the twins is Kouta’s attention, and that Bandou will serve as more of a good father figure, though Mayu’s at that age that a persistent crush may see her through to ‘legality’. I also believe the ‘Lucy/DNA voice’ within Kaede may have been stronger in her, making it harder to resist than some diclonius who have been mistreated and just want payback. Still, Kouta had her about us all feeling that way at times.

    I can see an older Kouta, maybe having lost Yuka, finally being with one of the twins as a finalization of their love. I kind of wish a more direct sign than Nyuu-2’s appearance had said that she was Yuka’s daughter. Being cousins, their children by other people resembling them was not out of the question.

    There’s all kinds of questions that will never be resolved. My major one is how the situation as described lets Nana live. She was born to pass on her genes, and that’s a major no-no. She needs her horns to move about, that is, if they can even be safely removed. Maybe Mayu can get Bandou to hook Kurarama up with whoever supplied his more Steve Austin-like bionics. But how she could live in a world where she cannot be permitted is a head-banger for me.

    One final wish, though its a nit : In neither manga nor anime does Kaede explicitly explain that Kouta’s innocent lie was at the heart of the tragedy he suffered. No, that wouldn’t make it his fault, nor would knowing revive the dead or truly comfort him. But sometimes, even an insane or absurd reason beats no explanation at all.

    I was satisfied with the ending, and it made me feel like the people aboard Noah’s Ark must have felt, just to see the first glimpse of sunlight break through the clouds.

    My nightmare moments :

    1 – Kanae

    2 – Kisaragi

    3 – Nana’s dismembering.

    4 – The Resident Evil-like rising of the bag-faced diclonius, though almost every last researcher got what they had coming to them.

    5 – The thought that even a primeval user like Kakuzawa still loved his daughter enough to not truly mutate her. But still he used her.

    6 – Lucy almost tenderly holding Mayu on the beach, fully prepared to erase this girl who has been her friend and playmate (who she even groped, IIRC), just to keep her doomed relationship with Kouta going a little longer.

    Again though, I felt nearly nothing when the researchers got theirs, and the Claremont-kill-mutie soldiers were as much a cliche as Kisaragi’s clumsiness.

    Only one other thought stays with me : What sort of world would EL be minus Kakuzawa and his manipulations? I doubt it would ever happen, but an ‘Angelic Days’ for EL would sit rather well with me.

  3. KAWAII :3

  4. I agree with rob and dillon.
    this was an outstanding story, probably the best thing I have ever laid my eyes on, although there is one thing I cannot figure out, why did Lucy/Kaede/Nyuu’s horns never grow back to that longer size? I found that to be inconsistent, they also never explained why they grew long in the first place.
    maybe I am wrong, maybe I did not pay attention, but if I’m not I don’t you think that’s a bit odd?

  5. I’m not sure but I believe I read somewhere that once their horns are destroyed, they can’t grow back. Similar with growth? Then again, Lucy/Kaede/Nyuu isn’t any normal diclonius. However, they lost most of their power (and physical form) in order to save Kouta. Not sure but the only way to find out is if there’s an extended ending… which is unlikely.

  6. I meant the part where Kohta is shot through the chest at the maple inn and then Lucy/Nyuu/Kaede’s horns grow almost a foot longer than they were before.

  7. Sorry but I dont get who Kaede is..
    and at the end, who are the twins??
    idk something missed in understanding the end……

    • its simple~

      1)Lucy is the EVIL ONE,u know the dark side who likes to kill. Look at her eyes,when she becomes evil her eyes are kinda smaller then other 2

      2)Kaede is the one whom kouta met when they were kids and the dark side took over and killed kouta’s sis & dad

      3)Nyuu(the cutest!!) she’s the one who cant speak at first(obviously) cos she lost her memory after getting a Headshot frm the sniper after escaping frm her prison

      abt the twins at the end my guess is that they are Nyuu and Kaede,although kouta’s daughter’s name is nyuu now so i’m wondering wad is the other girl’s name


  9. I have to disagree with Dillon in one detail. Yes there are three personalities, in fact it is explained by Lucy herself in chapter 99. But Kaede and Lucy is the same personality, just different names. It is the main personality of the character, having the memories from the childhood. The second personality, Nyu, is created by Kaede/Lucy after her escape from the institution. The third personality does not have a name, it is “the voice of the DNA”, which talks to Kaede/Lucy and corrupts her.

    In chapter 99 page 30 Lucy tells Kouta that her third personality can’t take over her body and can only talk to her. This confirms that Kaede is Lucy and she is the one responsible for killing Kanae and all others. However she turns out to be wrong, because the “DNA voice” personality does take over her body for the first time when she refuses to use her vectors against Kurama. Note that at the moment when the “DNA voice” personality took over, Nana said “Lucy’s presence disappeared” and Kurama asked “How many personalities are there?”.

    The third personality took over Lucy’s body the second time in chapter 105 pages 138-139 (when the captain said “Lucy’s presence is gone”, and Nana said “She’s no longer Nyu or Lucy”). Then the two forms which appeared before Kouta are (1) Nyu and (2) Lucy (=Kaede). They both tried to save him from the third personality.

  10. This was an amazing series. Sad that it’s over, but happy knowing that people won’t forget about it. I wanna say a lot of things, but I can’t really explain them that good. Oh well. Awesome manga.

  11. Does anyone know if Kakuzawa Senior grabbed Lucy’s Mom when she was very small, or only after her capture? I know that K-Junior and Kurama only learned of her through investigation, but the timeframe for him to have all those labs set up makes more sense if set up earlier, and it wasn’t out of the question for K-Senior to keep secrets even from his own. See, I once thought that Lucy was found as a small child, and then her Mom was taken to bear (via rape) Kakuzawa’s only real Diclonius son. But now I’ve heard that Lucy’s Mom was only captured after she was, when Aiko was killed. The art was no help in figuring out how old her short-lived half-brother was. I’m working on an AU fic as well as contributing to the [http://elfen-lied.wikia.com/wiki/Elfen_Lied_Wiki?cb=208 EL-specific Wikia], and any hints would be greatly appreciated.

    — ‘Goji’ Rob Morris

  12. Got another one : I’ve heard conflicting reports that Number 3, the Silpelit who infected Kurama, was Nana’s older sister. I scoured anime and manga and found not one bit of evidence supporting this, yet it is reported on many EL sites, and now I’ve heard it comes from EL’s offiicial website. I’m trying to lay this one to rest–its either Lynn Okamato’s unstated canon or just an internet mistake repeated and repeated.

  13. very heartwarming ending for a very sad story. makes me wanna cry…

  14. i believe the horns grew longer because of her anger releasing a blast of”vectors” i think i saw in the manga the end when shes destroying everything if u look closely the horns grew longer

  15. I love this manga and anime. (i’m french btw so sorry for the english mistakes)
    About the end, even if i find it nice to know Kaede and Nyu are what we could call alive (or resurected, even if by that time, I accepted Kaede/Nyu’s death), I have many questions (I meen, more than i have about the all manga) like : how does Kouta (or Kota) know for sure that as soon as he finds the letter, that he will meet Kaede again ? How can the twins be young (about 10 years old I guess, because Kouta says it’s been ten years) and still have Kaede/Lucy/Nyu memory ? The big one is how they can often play with a girl called NYU without… I don’t know you see what i meen : they could go to Kouta as soon as they’re old enough but what is old enough ? Because they still have their memory… So they could go to Kouta’s house (or maybe just at the stone) as soon as they’re able to talk, why wait so long ? Kouta’s child like 8 so why does he bring her so late ? And how can the twins be about the same age as Nyu (kouta’s child) ? It means that kouta had a child really quick after Kaede’s death…
    About the rest of the Manga, I have some more questions like : why Lucy can stop bullets in the first chapter with a helmet (Metal or Stone ? Because it breaks really easilly for a metal helmet) on her head which goal is obviously to prevent that, AND when Bandou uses the grenade, she can’t stop his bullets ? An other one is how can 2 Diclonii fly and the others can’t ? I reffer to Nana when she saves her “dad” and Mariko’s clone when she goes find Kurama and Nana. I can’t remenber my over questions but it’s too long anyway ^^. This little problems aren’t ones for me because I love it, but I still wonder what the answers could be…

    • A bit old to reply, but I think that Nana and Mariko’s “fly” because they vectors were bigger, so allied with they anger in these moments, they used the vectors as a support for impulse continuous making they hover in the air, so the way whe can’t saw the vectors, it appear’s that they’re flying.

      About the twins, I think they already knewn Kouta since they’re friends of Nyu [Kouta daughter], but the same way they have all memories of Nyu/Kanae, they waited for the right moment, when Kouta found the letter and says “I Finally Found You”… so that’s the right moment for they encounter: the reincarnation of memories of the past and the Kouta who finds her friend [the syster’s memories].

  16. I have been spending my whole summer watching anime and reading manga and EL makes it into my top 3. I only wish that the anime ended the same as the manga.

  17. Well, about the final chapter, I realised that in pg 25-26, (the boxes where Kouta is waiting for Kaede) , one box represents one year~ there’s a total of 8 boxes in that page, that means 8 years~ So, by including pg 24’s story and pg 27’s story, its 8+2=10 years! wow~ i’m impressed that the author planned very well on dividing the boxes~ (Another way to indicate Kouta has been waiting for Kaede for 10 years every end of the Summer Festival) :D

    About the twins in the end of the story, I think Nyu and Kaede is not ressurected but instead is thier second life. (erm.. I personally don’t believe on 2nd life.. :P )

    Anyways, at least this story comes out with a ‘hard’ happy ending. (at least is happy ending~) Besides, who will be satisfied with a sad ending?

  18. Oh ya, forgot to say this….

    * Well, I was a bit dissapointed that Mayu haven’t shared her dillema with the gangs.. She could had shared it to make herself fell more confortable.. T____T

  19. Oh ya, forgot to say this…. AGAIN! @@ (I always forget things!! ><lll)

    * Remember almost at the end, at the light house, Kaede regrets a bit that she didn't confess that she liked him, BUT..
    At the end of the manga, well, she actually did confessed it ( indirectly )… It was when Kouta read the letter in the bottle, which was left by her during her childhood, her wish had finally come true!!

    ** This part of the ending impressed me the most! Touching~**

  20. SORRY!! Forgot something AGAIN!! (I think this’s the last one, please not misunderstood, I was not spamming, just forgot to share what i REALLY wanted to share bout this story~

    * Remember, during the childhood of Kouta and Kaede, Kouta did wish to know Kaede’s name before the end of the vacation, but never asked..
    At least, until the final ending, he knew her name through the letter in the bottle! According to his reaction after reading the letter, I think he might HAD liked Kaede during his childhood.

    * If he knew her real name earlier, he might gave her daughter’s name ‘Kaede’ since at that point her name is also called ‘Nyuu’ , I think the ‘Nyuu’ name might also represents both Kaede and Nyu~

    *I felt sorry for Nyu in the ending. In the light tower, she just…. somehow die so suddenly and never ever thought that she’ll never play and stay with Kouta again. Its like an innocent sudden death for her.. But at least she managed to save Kouta in the Kaede form? (I guess…) and not die in vein… Poor Nyu..

    I wonder did Kouta EVER forgave Kaede what she’s done to his family? (Killing his younger sis n father) Although it was reveled that he’ll never forgive what she’s done. even wanting to kill her, but if he kill her, he’ll never see Nyu again.. That’s what he said.. At that point, it feels that he hated Kaede and only wanted Nyu back..
    BUT…. At the final chapter, seeing his expression after reading the letter seems like he didn’t mind at it after all, since Kaede saved his life? :o
    SO… Kaede… forgiven??

    PLUS: Anna and the merchanary lived in the sunken island forever?? Feels like Alantis…

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