Hayate no Gotoku – Chapter 93

Magical Love’s Hayate

You’re screwed… so screwed.

Brief Summary

Though Hayate laments about being cursed to wear women’s clothes, the others couldn’t help but fall for his man-MOE…

And take a peek at forbidden territory…

Hayate explained the situation to Maria…

But she didn’t believe him.

The break that Hayate’s hoping for with Hinagiku… Well, there’s a slight problem.

And Hayate also entrances another character by his man-MOE trappiness.

x x x


Oh my… I have to admit that even myself might fall victim to Ayasaki Hayate Hermione. And that’s a pretty disturbing thought. I suspect Hinagiku will also fall for his new look… and lose the battle because of it. Trappy trappiness…



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