Discovering Habanero-tan…

What has 4chan done to me?

I discovered this little gem in a hijacked Hatsune Miku/Vocaloid thread.

Wandering through that forbidden /b/ section that xephfyre told us to avoid, I was actually delighted to find a Vocaloid thread that’s just overloaded with MOE.

It’s almost as bad as the manga which melts me into a MOE blob everytime I read it.

But inside this thread, there was a trap waiting for me…

And it has nothing to do with Miku’s hidden leek weapon. It’s none other than… a small red peppery girl known as Habanero-tan, the unofficial mascot of a snack.

Too adorable…

She comes with friends! One of them is the busty Milk-san…

And the other is more of an older sister known as Habanero-neesan.

And those two… don’t like each other. But, Milk-san and Habanero-neesan both love Habanero-tan…

x x x

x x x

Simply MOE-tastic! It spreads to other series… much like that infectious caramelldansen .

x x x

Now that I verified that at least 1% of 4chan is decent, time to dive there again to find other fun stuff.


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  2. Higurashi and Metal City reference.

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