Double Arts – Elle’s New Look

Found in 4chan

Remember Chapter 20 when they had to come up with new battle uniforms? Well, here’s the sketchwork for our Sister in them, respectively Kiri, Elle, and Sui’s designs.


7 Responses

  1. Apparently, there’s a chance that Double Arts might be cancelled; there were a couple of links on 4chan and Baka-updates says the series ends at 3 volumes ;_;

  2. Still mostly a rumor. I’ll believe it when I see more official sources cite that.

  3. It’s official, last chapter just came out.

  4. Is this the official coloring for Elraine’s battle outfit?

  5. Face reality. DA is stopped.

  6. Never stop hoping. Its a shame that a cool and rather new manga ended like that. I even like it more then bakuman.

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