Diving into 4chan…

Boredom hits again…

With nothing to do on this nice holiday, I venture into 4chan to find another wallpaper since I fail at contributing to AnimePaper‘s community. Hence, I can’t get any of their works in the appropriate size… But while I was in this picture forum of randomness, I found some other treasures… or shiny junk, however you see them to be.

Especially for Code Geass R2… what a trainwreck this episode is…

I think the creator meant “whole number” to be positive integers… but that’s depends on perspective.

My response to that image?

The day Kallen swaps spots with Suzaku will be the day pigs…

I should be quiet now…

Anyways, my new wallpaper? Something from Tsukihime… one of the maids :)

I would have chose this one… but there’s simply not enough icon space…

Now I have to go off to think about the other posts that I need to get caught up on… Elfen Lied being one of them.

<3 Kotomi


6 Responses

  1. Oh noes! 4chan is a place of no return! Save yourself while you can and run away! (echo: run away, run away, run away) :P

    I like that kitty with brown hair :)

  2. I haven’t visit 4chan yet. I probably should check it out soon. (:

  3. Hynavian, just remember: what has been seen, can not be unseen :P

  4. HYNAVIAN, NO, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD, AT LEAST STAY OUT OF /b/. /a/ is fine, just that /a/ watches shit animu. /w/ is awesomecake.

    And Kohaku is <3

    FFVIIkinght: ITT we post epic grins.

  5. @Hyn: No! Save yourself while you still can! FFVII here has fallen – he can’t be saved, but you are still pure! Don’t enter the pits of death that is 4chan!

    And yeah, Kohaku is love. She’s evil, sadistic, psychotic and did I mention evil? But she’s love.

    Hisui, through, >>> everyone else.

  6. What are you all talking about? 4chan is a wonderful place… once you develop the skill to ignore every other thread ><

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