Something about Macross Frontier…

But I lie… It’s really not.

This was my little pet project while jumping back into the MMORPGs. Yes, I know. I said I’ll quit but I just couldn’t help it :(

So there’s Miss Ranka Lee with her Green Dragon Ai-kun. Microphone, yellow dress, green hair, and the wink… That’s the best I could do. She’s wearing a green backpack since there’s no VF-25 version and this hair style is the closest to the puppy-dog look of the real Ranka.

How come I get the impression that Alto-hime is going to have a “NICE BOAT” ending? I think Ranka wants to hell him that he’s spending a bit too much time with Sheryl…

She’s hard at work, protecting humanity her own way… One swing at a time…

Maybe some Deculture~?

Oops, I forgot the wink… Now there’s some Deculture~

Alright, that’s enough of Maplestory + Macross Frontier = Failures… But if you happen to see this RankaLee girl running around while playing this popoular 2D MMORPG, that would most likely be me… and no, I’m not a girl in real life…


5 Responses

  1. Oh, Ranka turned out great! Ai-kun looks good as well :P

    Nice boat ending? So evil!

    Hmm… I wonder if it is possible to make Sheryl version :P

  2. It might but I just might turn her into a thief class since I don’t like her so much :\

  3. Thief class? lol Well, she did steal Ohime-sama :P

  4. At first I was like -_-

    Then I LOL’d.

  5. I have way too much time on my hands…

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