Popcorn Should Be Banned From Dorms

I wish to see smell no more of this stuff… unless in real movie theatres…

Story Time

It’s the second day of classes and after attending them, I would like nothing more than to just sleep… or fill my mind up with anime/manga. Either gets the same results. However, with the combination of my laptop being old and my university tweaking the wifi settings… the latter was simply not possible.

So it’s around 2:30 AM into the next day and I was just browsing the blogs when all of the sudden, the fire alarm went off. Typically, universities have practice drills but those are during more reasonable times… not 2:30 in the morning. Taking it as a serious threat, I left my room… only to be assaulted by the smell of extremely burnt popcorn. Despite that, I still took the time to exit the dorms and find my way outside.

The weather was on the cool side with an occasional breeze. It had been raining all day so the field where we’re supposed to be in was just a giant pit of mud. But when the alarm went off, the clouds stopped dumping water so we were dry… for the most part.

I was well equipped, clad in a T-shirt and shorts with sandals. The cold didn’t bother me since I prefer cooler temperatures. Besides, I assumed that with the case of burnt popcorn, it should be easy to find the cause and turn off the alarms. Maybe 30 minutes and 400+ sleepy college students could find their way back to bed… or whatever.

3:00 AM came… and went. Knowing that the building check procedure could take a few extra minutes, I just stood around and texted my roommate who was fortunate enough to be spending the night elsewhere.

3:30 AM and still no updates about the situation. Freshmen and transfer students started to get anxious. I remember yawning and kicking at the grass.

4:00 AM rolled by… and we finally got new information. Supposedly someone pulled the fire alarm instead of the sensors going off by themselves. Therefore, some of the sprinklers activated. This time, I panicked since my laptop was in the open and completely exposed. Water + Electronics = … RAGE.

Worse off would be my precious collection of DVDs and my figurines. They also have no protection since I had them proudly displayed on my desk shelf… and directly under the room sprinkler.

Every resident had to provide their room numbers and contact information just in case anything was damaged in this incident.

4:30 AM and everybody, including the building officials, were worried. Most students, myself included, have class on Fridays. My suitemate had a 8:00 AM class so he was overjoyed to have under 3 hours of sleep. Oh, did I mention that it’s his first year at this university? Nice experience eh?

Falling back on the final contingency, residents were told to either find lodgings with friends in other areas… or migrate to one of the old lecture halls. My two suitemates and I chose to wake up a friend and spend the night at his apartment. Much better than the other option.

7:00 AM and after spending the night on the floor, curled up next to the refrigerator, I decided to check on the building status. Running through the morning rain and getting soaked, I saw the damage… in the four floors below mines. My level was completely dry so fortunately, nothing was damaged.

However, I developed a deep hatred for this buttery movie snack… but it’s not the first time that banning popcorn was suggested.

Completely Unrelated

Lucky Star… and Touhou?

I need to get Touhou OST…


3 Responses

  1. That sounds like very unpleasant experience :( I used to live in a very tall apartment building where the fire alarm would go off at least once a month. It was extremely annoying!

    Seriously, why the hell did they cook popcorn at night? Someone was really stupid to pull off the false alarm. They should find this person and subject him to many hours of Mudkip torture :P

    I am glad that your belongings were safe :)

    I hope you’ll get enough sleep to replenish your energy before the next week.

    P.S. Bunnies!!! :3 Very nice artwork :)

  2. That sucks, man. To be dragged out of bed at night over a simple case of burnt popcorn – that has to be one of the worst thing that can happen to you.

    And oh, liked the Touhou music in the 2nd video. It’s various remixes of Lunatic Eyes, which is one of my favorite songs from the Touhou series.

  3. @Kitsune
    Well, better safe than sorry… but I wished the people who burnt the popcorn would fess up sooner… preferably before someone pulled the alarm.

    The uploader of that video has a good number of other remixes. I’m slowly downloading them :)

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