The Start of Another Boring Day…

I forgot where I got this from…

Boredom attacks me… once again.

After a day spent moving back into the dorms, there’s another 24 hours of freedom before all the “fun” starts. Of course, I made sure that my boxes filled with those important stuffs… meaning my 28 DVDs and 3 lovely figurines… have arrived safely and are proudly displayed on the shelves. So, am I going to study like a good senior before classes begin? Of course… though Halo/Call of Duty 4 LAN battles and video surfing may take priority… just for today.

Just so I could waste your time, here’s some videos to enjoy.

There’s never enough Nyan-Nyan…

Oh the horrors of the Nico-verse…

But everybody likes MAD OPs right?


6 Responses

  1. That .gif sums up what Suzaku really stands for.

  2. Yup indeed… and I can’t get the Nyan Nyan remix out of my head…

  3. Flee moar.

    By the way. Halo = Boredom VERY quickly.

  4. Did the 28 DVDs and the 3 lovely figures take up 1 out of your 3 boxes? ^________________^

  5. As for Nyan, I prefer the original :P

    I have no comments for the second video…

    Yup, I especially like the multitude of the depressed teacher openings :P

    I am glad your precious paraphernalia arrived safely :) Good luck in your studies :)

  6. @xephfyre
    Call of Duty would be better if I could do co-op campaign…

    Actually, it took up half of a box and 1 bag :)

    I perfected the dance though my version is nowhere near as cute. As for the 2nd video, I like the “Congratulations” part… and then Tama jumped in :)

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