Tora Dora – Chapter 7


A Well Matched Couple

Really? They are?

Brief Summary

As foretold from my previous post… and as predictable as Sheryl Nome making a comeback in Macross Frontier… Minori went along with the rumors and wished Takasu good luck with his relationship with Taiga.


x x x


Takasu tried to tell the truth… but Minori just wouldn’t give him the chance.


And she stabbed him in the heart… with words nonetheless.


Then Yusaku showed up and delivered his own fatal blow to Taiga.


x x x


With the misunderstanding now being blown out of proportions, involving their actual crushes, Takasu and Taiga could only stare off into nothingness…



Hilarious! That’s the one word that best fit this chapter. Taiga and Takasu’s expressions, especially in the last page, was just priceless. Also, Kitamura and Minori remind me of Isaac and Miria from Baccano! for some reason. Maybe it’s because the two are so spontaneous and fitting with each other.

I already spoiled myself the next chapter so any “predictions” would be moot point.


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