Jackals – Chapter 1

Need a good action manga? Look no further!

Brief Summary

The series takes place in Cicero City, a chaotic den filled with crime and suffering. Admist all of this, several gangs fight against each other over territorial turf. It truly is human society at its lowest point.

Borne from violence, assassins are made and there’s only one name that could describe them… Jackals.

x x x

The story unfolds as one Jackal, nicknamed Alligator for the way his weapon is, begins a war against the Gabriella gang.

x x x

x x x

When he killed a member of the Gabriella family, things began to heat up. A future with only more bloodshed awaits and Alligator must kill to survive… or become one of the corpses lining the darkened alleys.

x x x

x x x


This is Black Lagoon… but with swords. Just as action-packed and fast-paced. Plenty of blood and hacked limbs. Alligator is one of the coolest (and slightly overpowered) characters in all the manga I’ve read. He even has a future wife!

A definite win.


2 Responses

  1. The art reminds me of C.A.T except that the lines are clearer. We’ll need to see how the next few chapters go; I don’t like god mod characters like Alligator. OMG what a name. XD

  2. He’s just brutal with his weapon… just like Gatts (or however you spell him) from Berserk.

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