Neon Genesis Evangelion (Gakuen Datenroku) – Chapter 5


My blue-haired goddess? Falling for Shinji the wimp?! BLASPHEMY!!!

Brief Summary

At school, their class decided to do a play… with Asuka as the Virgin Mary and Rei being one of the stable horses.


x x x


Asuka told Rei to act her role as though it was for a mission.


And without a doubt, Rei tries her best to fulfill that command… by first getting into character.


x x x


But the highlight of the chapter was when Rei expressed her desire to talk with Shinji after the play.


Much wuvs! <33333333333333333

Thinking that it’s a confession, Shinji started spacing out. Fortunately, Misato came along and punched him back into reality. Unfortunately, he started a domino effect that destroyed the entire set.


Asuka punished him in her own violent way… but Rei still came to him… expressing her love…


For the horse head prop… not Shinji.


And thus, Shinji falls back to his natural position of being a rejected wimp while Rei found a new way to mask her indifference for studies.



This chapter was an EPIC WIN! Rei, keeping her calm behavior from the original series, had a very cute moment when she wanted to talk to Ikari. However, Shinji got the wrong signals and mistakened it as romantic interest. I was about to go into despair… when it happened. Shinji got burned from Rei, a fitting punishment for letting his imagination run loose. And so, my lovely blue-haired goddess is still free :)

Overall, mostly a filler chapter but very amusing. If you didn’t know already, I’m a Rei fanboy so this release pleases me.


2 Responses

  1. Omg… Horsie!

    Rei looks like a guy :P

  2. Shinji and Rei, Its about time!!

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