Summer 2008 Anime OP/ED Reviews – Part 2

The last Spring to Summer show that I’ve been watching…

Macross Frontier

OP Title: Seikan Hikou
Artist: Megumi Nakajima

If this contest was about MOE, this is… without a doubt, the winner. And I have to admit, I’m MOE-stricken by it enough to activate crazy obsessive Rena Ryuuguu mode. The actual material itself is quite normal. Beyond the catchy song, the animation is simple with just chibified Ranka bouncing to the beat (and the iSlug showing an appearance now and then). The only major fault in it is the very ending when Ranka opens up her bento to reveal two tuna buns… positioned in a suggestive manner. It doesn’t go well with the cuteness but then again, Ranka did do this in one of the early episodes.

Overall Rating: 8/10


OP Title: Lion
Artists: May Nakabayashi and Megumi Nakajima

A very catchy song and the animation is very stylish. Extremely creative and fitting since it meshes together many of the mecha/space battle elements in the series. However, the slight drawback is how awkward Ranka and Sheryl are at the end, when they’re singing side by side. Something doesn’t feel right… It doesn’t seem natural but maybe that’s just me. Otherwise, a very strong OP that’s tough to beat.

Overall Rating: 9/10


ED Title: Northern Cross
Artist: May Nakabayashi

So it goes from top-notch animation… to this? The animation/video is not to my liking. Sure, May’N singing in the shadows is nice but it lacks the concert punch that I think it’s trying to inspire. Not to mention, it’s Sheryl-centric, not my favorite character in the series. Some of the sketches are nice but on the whole, not enough to really make this above the normal. The song itself is good… but again, nothing spectacular like its OPs.

Overall Rating: 6/10


5 Responses

  1. Lion is my second favorite song in Macross Frontier :D

  2. Seikan Hikou is #1 right? RIGHT?! :)

  3. I remember listening to the first video clip a few times before. Rinka was singing that song and both side stopped fighting when they heard that song right?

    Same like you, I feel that the 2nd video clip is overall better than the 3rd video clip when it comes to music+pictures. The 3rd video clip is a mature presentation of art IMO but the music doesn’t fit it.

  4. I always love the Macross soundtrack because they do pick good songs for the series. Lion is very catchy and one of the better OPs I’ve seen so far this year.

  5. @Hynavian
    Yup… Deculture~

    Agreed. It’s probably the best from the “summer” season, despite carrying over from spring.

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