Summer 2008 Anime OP/ED Reviews – Part 1


It’s that time… just when the Fall 2008 series loom ahead.

Starting with ones that transitioned from the Spring season…

Code Geass R2

OP Title: World End
Artist: FLOW

I remember whining a bit about how FLOW should have done the opening instead of Orange Range… Now, I’m not too sure. In fact, it seems worse overall compared to O2. Maybe it’s just the animation being different because the song by itself is good. There’s more of a focus on the characters even though… it’s past the halfway point when the plot’s already set (but this is Sunrise). However, one thing is kept… how it makes me go WTF with Lelouch riding the white stallion in OP1 and now with Nunnally’s pink crane making a rainbow. Just… blah.

Rating: 6/10


ED Title: Waga Routashi Aku no Hana
Artist: Ali Project

Just horrible. I guess it’s because I’m not an Ali Project fan but still… Continuing with the previous ED’s slideshow of characters, I usually just fast-forward through this part just to get to the episode preview. Nothing remarkable and after listening to it fully, my eyes wanted to close and my brain was going into standby before hibernating. Oh, and that Lelouch+Suzaku scene at the end? It brings shudders down my spine since it might imply too much. Either that or Shin’s posts already corrupted me…

Rating: 1/10


2 Responses

  1. 1/10 hahaha You are too harsh :P

  2. The truth hurts.

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